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Beaded men’s charm bracelets

Our attractive bracelets with charms are manufactured from crystals and semi-precious stones such as agate, zirconia, turquoise, and jasper. The charms are made from solid gold or gold-plated sterling silver for a luxurious look and feel. Wear one of our men’s charm bracelets every day for an extra boost of confidence.

Agate Charm Bracelet - Atolyestone

£85 GBP

Agate Charm Bracelet - Leo

£95 GBP

Agate Charm Bracelet - Om

£85 GBP

Leo Jasper Charm Bracelet - Blue

£110 GBP

Leo Jasper Charm Bracelet - Grey

£110 GBP

Tiger Eye Skull Beaded Bracelet

£115 GBP

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