History of Men's Jewelry

Men's jewelry has been in fashion for the last thousand years. But, you will be surprised to know that male jewelry was practiced long before women's jewelry. These unique accessories in various styles lift any outfit and look attractive. 

So, don't worry if you love minimalistic or even bold ones; there's a huge range of men's jewelry that suits all occasions and outfits. So, let's look at the interesting history of men's jewelry and much more.

The History of Men's Jewelry

If you think that men's jewelry is getting popular in the 21st century, you must go through the glorious history of men's jewelry. Interestingly, men's jewelry appeared around 30,000 years ago when people joined shells and animal teeth. With discoveries, the day-to-day materials changed to rich metals, stones, etc. 

Kings and emperors wore men's gold jewelry in the form of elegant necklaces, rings, and other body accessories. In addition, it is used to portray social status in those times. Interestingly, men in the past loved to layer with jewelry, and some ancient books, paintings, and stories are proof.

The Role of Jewelry and Accessories in Men

Every one must have observed men's jewelry in cave sculptures, books, paintings, and archaeological finds. After collecting all the data, the role of jewelry and accessories in men was quite evident.

Naturally, men loved wearing ornaments as they looked rich and defined their social status. For example, it gave an idea of clans, regions, and classes. The jewelry for rulers and priests differed from warriors and other classes of men.

For priests and shamans, accessories worn near the neck, hands, and head had a religious significance. As a result, valuable metals, gemstones, and other materials become a symbol of class. This trend is in practice with all kinds of men's fashion jewelry, including both precious and normal jewelry. 

What Jewelry Do Men Wear?

There is an extensive range of jewelry for men which looks fabulous. So, let's have a look at all:


Men's Ancient Signet Ring

Signet Ring with Tutankhamun's Throne Name, c.1336 BC -1327 BC, - 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You will be surprised to know that every ring in ancient times was unique, and they didn't practice making multiple copies. Instead, it is represented as a currency, faithful services, seal, or symbol of a certain group. 

It was made from simple materials; the composition changed to rich metals, stones, and mens diamond jewelry. Now, men wear bold and simple rings to portray masculinity and complete their attire. These ancient symbols like the lion, depicting bravery, are executed in the stylish imperial Leo ring, which looks amazing.


Earrings, a very popular accessory in women's fashion, are gradually reviving in men's fashion. Men in ancient times believed piercing the ear lobes had numerous benefits. For example, Arabs believe it improves vision, while gunners believe it enhances hearing. Now, men wear it on a single ear lobe or both with stylish rings and studs.


Bracelets have a special significance in the history and presence of men's designer jewelry. You may have seen those stylish carved bracelets having traditional designs, spikes, etc.; it is derived from amulets of warriors who used them as shields for their arms. 

For example, an elegant eagle bracelet that looks fashionable and very bold. Normal bands and bracelets with traditional motifs like lions, swords, anchors, etc., are readily available and are inspired by ancient designs.

Men's Jewelry by Ages

Here's a summary of men's jewelry by various ages. Let's have a look:

Men's Jewelry in Antiquity

In ancient times, jewelry was mainly made from animals' claws, fangs, and teeth as they were unknown to the precious metals found on earth. Also, it depicts that adding jewelry derived from natural elements and animal bodies adds the power of the animal to humans. For example, a very popular eagle talon was found in Croatia around 13000 years ago.

Egyptians were the first among civilizations that used gold, silver, and precious stones in their jewelry. Perhaps the most earlier instance of men's jewelry being practical is the classic signet ring of the pharaohs. However, even Greek history has extensive use of making jewelry.

Men's Jewelry in the Middle Ages

Medieval Gold signet ring

Medieval Gold signet ring Source: National Museum Wales

Middle age is probably the best mens jewelry age as the world started trading. The major export and import between Europe and Asia made people aware of stones, crystals, and all precious metals. The men's and women's jewelry started to differentiate out. The trend of talismans, bracelets, anklets, etc., became quite popular. These symbols presently inspire jewelry for guys these days.

Men's Jewelry in the Renaissance

There's enough proof that men's designer jewelry is renaissance as they were truly crafted for high and all other classes. In Titian's portrait of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V is wearing gold jewelry. 



Also, Charles, I loved wearing pearl earrings, a trendy accessory these days. All the emperors around the world used different rich jewelry for various purposes. Even the Mughal to the Maratha empires in India had rich attire full of jewelry.