Atolyestone is a high-end jewellery brand with our head office based in London. Our aim is to harmonise the traditional bead and charm bracelets with modern gold and silver moulding techniques. Today, Atolyestone is staying loyal to its original ideas and reinterpreting the world of high-end jewellery. 
At Atolyestone, we strive to create uniquely designed jewellery and accessories that set themselves apart from the norm. The high-quality materials we use combined with the research that goes into constructing all of our pieces make our collections durable and long lasting.  The imagination of our design team & uniquely talented hand sculptors make our collections eye-catching and give our designs a look that is instantly recognizable as Atolyestone creations. 


The story of our brand began when our London based owner, a lifelong fashion designer, was on a trip to Istanbul. Influenced and mesmerized by the beauty of the clashing cultures of the East and West, he decided to take this blend of beauty and mirror it in his work as a designer, creating jewellery which reflected this unique city. Atolyestone derives its influence from the crossroads of Asia and Europe, where two continents filled with rich, ancient culture intertwine in Istanbul. Weathering the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Istanbul’s history is just as culturally blended as its art.

Istanbul’s worldwide appeal is interpreted in a glamorous, colorful and timeless way through the art of Atolyestone and the fine jewelry the team of highly qualified artisans handcraft every day. We ensure that each and every single one of our designs carries a historical and traditional meaning worthy of the old and beautiful city of Istanbul.

Our company’s name comes from the words “Atolye” and “gemstone.” Atolye has its origins in English and French, and it means atelier. Atelier is another way of saying a workshop or studio, specifically one used by an artist or designer. We felt the word invoked the right image derived from Atolyestone’s work ethic – artist and craftsmen alike, ensuring precision and quality in each and every piece we create. Our work is our life and our creations will last for years to come.

The walkways and streets of the Grand Bazaar have stood the test of time and been the home of countless shoppers and vendors alike for hundreds of years, and in the heart of it all is Atolyestone creating jewelry for the world out of only the finest gemstones and metals. 

Atolyestone stays true to its historical roots, influenced by the glory days of Istanbul as it stood throughout the ages. We honor the legacy of our past while acting as the pioneers of the future of fashion. 

To learn more about us, look through our own grand bazaar of special designs, brand new pieces, bangles, charms, macrames, strings and so much more. 


Welcome to Atolyestone..