our metals are recyled
& responsible sourced


of our precious stones
are sourced ethically

Products for a more sustainable life

We try to source high-end sustainable jewelry materials for long-lasting & highest quality pieces. In sourcing our supplies, Atolyestone upholds highest social and environmental standards. In our efforts to craft sustainable jewelry, we never compromise on quality.

Products for a more sustainable life

Traceability - 100% of our fine metal is ethically sourced and trackable.

Traceability is about knowing exactly where our materials come from. We partner with responsible suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. We put our best efforts forward to bring our shoppers a conflict-free and fair-trade jewelry.

You’ll get 100% natural, handpicked sustainable gemstones

We supply our precious and semi-precious gemstones from responsible and ethical sources while aiming for 100% traceability. We bring our shoppers conflict-free and fair-trade gemstone jewelry.

Recycle Sources for Metals

The mining of metals like gold and silver may cause as much conflict as diamonds. At Atolyestone, we supply our metal from reliable recycle sources and responsible small-scale mining. All our jewelry is made with ethically sourced or recycled metals, including gold, platinum, sterling silver

Production for Small Footprints

Unique Design With Small Footprints

We are 100% committed to create your elegant - handmade jewelry as responsible as possible. We strictly reject mass-made or ‘fast’ fashion production. As opposed to mass-market brands, we invest significant time and money to design unique fine jewelry. Our jewelry is handcrafted in our own Atolyestone Studios in good quality working conditions and fair wages. We promise to deliver every piece of jewelry you purchase from us is created with love and care by following the best employment practices. Atolyestone takes pride in designing and producing sustainable diamond jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Atolyestone is committed to minimise its carbon footprints and environmental impact. When we mention 'sustainable' and 'ethical,' we don't just mean that everything is made from recycled material. In fact, we encompass the best working and environmental conditions that positively impact our communities near and far.

Our Packaging

We promise to make our entire process as environmentally friendly as possible starting from sourcing to right until it drops through your letterbox. At Atolyestone, we source eco-friendly and %100 recyclable packaging that perfectly complements your purchase in terms of both beauty and sustainability. Our jewelry comes beautifully packed in reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes handcrafted by local artisans with beautiful textures and patterns. We're committed to replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options. We also eliminate the use of virgin packaging materials from our supply chain. We focus on using FSC-certified recycled paper for all inserts for all packaging. We ensure that our packaging materials make the best use of the yield of trees while reducing waste going to landfills. All in all, our packaging practices for sustainable jewelry help protect the world's forests.

Our Packaging

We’re proud of our work building the world’s most sustainable luxury jewellery brand.

Atolyestone takes pride in its eco-journey. We heartily thank you all for your love, trust, and endless support.