Attract love and improve relationships


African blue opal is the ideal stone for your love life and relationship. It maintains peace and generates calm energy to reduce tension from the body. African blue opal meaning focuses on clearing thoughts and encouraging better communication.

If you are shy or reserved, it will help you to open up to people. Similar to other blue gemstones, African blue opal has sedative and cooling effects.

Multiple Healing Properties

African blue opal has metaphysical healing properties where it alleviates eye problems including cataracts. It makes an ideal gemstone for seniors suffering from such issues. 

The gemstone also treats the bites and stings from insects/animals. So, it's useful for adventurers or campers who are exposed to wildlife.

Keeps Your Mind Open

Blue apatite benefits also include its potency to connect your soul with the past self. It initiates creativity by connecting your soul to spiritual and intellectual parts of the past life.
Helps to Communicate Better

Besides African blue opal healing properties, it opens minds to combat challenging situations. It provides the energy to face difficulties and stand firm despite the hurdles. 

African blue opal can enhance your mood and make you feel at your best. It promotes adequate contemplation to make the right decisions.

Other Benefits

The list of  African blue opal benefits also includes its potential to lessen the effect of stress on your body. It encourages you to do what you desire to achieve harmony in life. It also helps to heal the past and stabilize the things that you have lost.

African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Atolyestone



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