Relieves stress, brings peace and harmony

Aqua Terra is recommended to be worn in close contact with the skin, if not directly on the skin. This is because the barrier for absorption is not blocked by anything. It gives easy access for the energy to flow clearly, and usually necklaces and bracelets are used for this purpose. Aqua Terra is a stone with a lovely vibration that will kindle joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony to your ear.

Relieves Stress

The lovely energy of this stone establishes a connection between the etheric body, known as the light body and the physical body, and stimulates healing on both levels. It is excellent to aid anyone with stress or anxiety. It will open the heart and help you to release negative energy into the light.

Find Hope

It has a strong healing power to heal emotional problems. This stone is especially helpful if you are feeling full of despair and unable to find hope for the future. It is beneficial for anyone who is an invalid or who is caring for someone who has been sick for a long time, especially if they are feeling despair about their illness.

Connecting People

It has a lovely energy of love and strong compassion that can help to create connections between people who might otherwise find it difficult to find common ground. Aqua Terra is helpful to aid you if you are in any type of relationship with others.

Healing Power on Physical Problems

It is said to help male reproductive issues, such as impotence. It may help constricted blood flow, and is an aid to regenerate the elasticity of veins and skin. Aqua Terra is also known to neutralize acid and to assist gout, ulcers and rheumatism.

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