The stone of regulation

Health provider

It could be used for digestive, hepatic, stomach and renal problems as well as for intestinal inflammation, hemorrhage, joints pain and muscle contractures. It could tone the blood and be a good repairer of the internal organs.

It is a good aphrodisiac and an emotional enhancer

The Blue Jasper could be used as an aphrodisiac. It provokes a loving feeling, helping to activate sexual activity and cure impotence and frigidity. It stabilizes the woman during pregnancy and helps with the development of the baby. It is a boost, energy and strength provider necessary to go ahead and fight more easily in our everyday life.

It is useful for removing toxins and for regulation

It serves as a good drain for removing toxins from the body, especially those that cause body odors and flatulence. The Blue Jasper could help stabilize the iodine and sodium present in the body and relieves water retention. It reduces sea sickness and problems of the inner ear. It also limits the problems of thyroid. The Blue Jasper could be effective against eczema and skin problems in general.

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