Helps to reduce distress and worry


Blue Peruvian opal generates soft and soothing energy to reduce tension and clear unnecessary thoughts from the mind.  It eases communication and increases confidence. It also encourages ideas to flow more freely. 

Blue Peruvian opal meaning depicts its potency to decrease the effect of stress on mind, spirit, and body. It will help to embrace inner talents and maintain balance in life.

Keeps Body Healthy

Blue Peruvian opal healing properties are related to balancing metabolic issues, relieving chronic fatigue, and other problems. It helps to absorb the iron that plays a major role in treating infections. 

The gemstone has insulin-regulating properties. It cleans the blood and keeps the kidneys intact. It also shows promising effects on women's health by reducing childbirth pains and PMS discomforts.

Encourages Creativity

Speaking of other blue Peruvian opal benefits, it encourages originality and a creative mind. It helps to increase interest in any field. 

That's why it has a positive impact on the financial situation. It also motivates you to make the right decision.

Increase courage and determination in Relationships

To live a good love life, it's important to be daring and this gemstone can provide the same. It helps to speak your heart out without being scared. It also encourages you to be more open and honest with your significant other.

Peruvian Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Atolyestone



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