Stone of courtesy that inspires self-acceptance

Relax the nerves in your body

It helps negative energy which is loaded in the day to be thrown out. Healing is good for those who work in constant stressful places. It also helps our ability to make clear and concise decisions.

It is effective against depression

It helps individuals to get out of depression. Resolution to unsettled emotions in our body is one of its attributes as it absorbs negative energy that is in the body and sends it away.

Used against magic

In ancient Rome, Bronzite was used to protect against magic. It helps you protect yourself from magic and spells that others have done against you. Helps to balance calcium and iron in your body. It is a stone that affects human character positively. It is also said that the Romans in the ancient times used ground Bronzite as an elixir for protection against mental confusion and illness, and a general treatment to strengthen the nerves. Bronzite can also be used to change an alkali into an acid or a base to an acid and thus this property gives it an importance in the effective treatment of infections


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