Stone of intense clarity


Chrome diopside is used for encouraging awareness and creative vision. It improves one’s mind and helps to learn better. 

Chrome diopside meaning is linked to the heart chakra and thus, evokes love and commitment.  It helps to settle aggression and keeps obstinate behavior at bay. It also creates a hearty connection with the energy of the earth.

Keeps Heart and Lungs Healthy

To mention the chrome diopside healing properties, it focuses on the heart and lungs and clears the energetic blockages. It ensures that the heart is filled with positivity.

This makes it an ideal gemstone to enhance the circulatory system and keep other organs healthy. It also normalizes high blood pressure and eases headaches.

Heals Emotional Trauma

Chrome diopside benefits also include its potential to heal emotional trauma by cleansing the tears. That's why it's also called crying stone. It helps to move on from the struggles of the past and start a new life.
Additional Benefits

It acts as a coping mechanism for family members who are dealing with disabled or mentally-challenged people. Other than that, chrome diopside also provides relief from psychological ailments and weakness. It encourages people to accept new ideas and eliminate obsessive or addictive behavior.

Chrome Diopside Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Atolyestone



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