Problem solver and unity bringer

General health stone

Discharges excess or negative energy in the body, thus, eliminates stress and relaxes the body. It helps with the social, environmental and human adaptation of people. It creates a peaceful state of mind and increases courage for defeating fears. It strengthens one's reason, logic and creativity and therefore it is important to artists and students. It improves attention and caution.

Protection against negative energy

Crazy Agate symbolizes worldly achievement, provides protection against negative energy and stimulates courage. Used as a ring, it increases confidence in its owner and provides a feeling of power, pleasure and positivity. Children carrying it are protected from negative emotions and disputes.

Emotional strengthener

Reddish orange-colored Agates increase physical vitality and relieve laziness. They strengthen the desire for concentration including serenity and concern. Agate calms nervous disorders and eliminates excitement during public conversations. It is effective against misfortune. Also, glowing Agate is helpful for people with speech difficulties. Agate gives unconditional love for a person and helps one's spiritual development.


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