Emotional balancer and Independence stone

The Eagle Eye is a quartz stone among the precious healing stones

It glows silky when polished. As a stone with translucent features, it provides a relaxing effect in case of nervous system impairment and is a great emotional balancer.

Independence stone

It has a glassy, iridescent and pebbly appearance. It enhances the sense of ownership besides being good for insomnia and provides mental calm. It gives focus and courage to its owners.

It is beneficial for asthmatic patients and for digestive system disorders, spleen and pancreas. It also enhances courage and purpose in moments when your life lacks it. You can use it as a ring or necklace, or you can carry it in your pocket.

It is emotionally balancing and reduces stubbornness

The Eagle Eye is a powerful and courageous tool for increasing stamina and provides the desire to progress despite obstacles. If you are considering making changes in your life, the stone you need is the Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye MEN
Eagle Eye WOMEN

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