Devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching

It is a peaceful and nurturing stone

It is helpful for meditation and communication. It absorbs all kinds of negative energy. By increasing inner power, it helps the user to happily accept the ever-changing conditions. It is good for improving relationships that lose feelings and even personal interactions.


It promotes self-awareness, internal balance, confidence and sensitivity. It develops personal strength and creativity, overcomes negativity and provides motivation to the unmotivated. Mentally, it relieves tension and keeps your head calm. It encourages truthfulness and impartiality, preventing emotional guilt and providing happiness.

Healing power on physical problems

It helps people with Arthritis, bone diseases, muscle spasms, digestive ulcers, blood irregularities and lung problems. It cleanses the liver, kidneys and intestines from toxins. It provides oxygen to the cellular structure of the lungs and improves the respiratory capacity. It stimulates the pancreas, regulates insulin and balances blood. This strengthens the stone muscles, relieving muscle cramps. With its refreshing effect, it heals infections in the throat and tonsils, reduces blood pressure, and is good for burns. It strengthens the thyroid and the metabolism. It is perfect for women with post-menopausal symptoms and menstrual pain.

Green ChrysocollaMEN
Green ChrysocollaWOMEN

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