Stone to Cleanse Heart

Green garnet is a stone with restorative and liberating properties which cleanses the heart charkha. It gives strength during difficult times and increases physical vitality, kindness, and compassion. 

Green garnet symbolizes growth and rejuvenation of life. Its stone is green in color and depicts mother earth. 

Eases Health Issues:

To mention green garnet healing properties, it helps in recovery from any disease. It improves the blood flow in the body and helps in the growth of new cells. It also keeps the immune system and respiratory problems at bay. 

Green garnet keeps the kidney, heart, and liver healthy while regulating other metabolic functions. The gemstone eliminates discomforts related to arthritis, rheumatism.

Acts as a Financial Blessing:

Green garnet helps to improve the financial status and provides motivation to perform well in any field. It results in good outcomes and hence, more prosperity. 

It keeps your dream intact and gives you the inspiration to work hard and achieve your goals. It reduces all the restraints related to wealth and affluence.

Companion for New Beginnings:

The best of all green garnet benefits is its potential to strengthen the heart and soul. It provides new energies to start fresh and be the best version of yourself. 

It also encourages hope and clarity to see things differently. Green garnet strengthens relationships and gives meaning to life.

Green Garnet Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone



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