The Rain Bringer

Keeps away evil spirits

Green Jasper is a notable talisman for those dealing with paranoid delusions, entity attachments, or those who experience nightmares. It connects to the Earth and gives all the inhabitants of the house greater vitality and a better understanding of the elements in everyday life.

A peace keeper

Its additional deep green color generates a powerful expression piece for each occupant of the house. It allows everyone to take their place while respecting the spaces of the other and helps to smoothen out all of the conflicts that can result from the management of a closed space. Taking all the energy characteristics of its counterparts, it can be used to regulate all the needs of the house.

A very good medicine

Green Jasper enhances resistance, improves one’s mind and movements and restores concordance of the emotional frame. Worn on the breast, it prevents epilepsy, belly pain and colic and stops nosebleeds and other fluxes of the body. Jasper amulets also prevent fevers and swelling, and aid in childbirth.

Green JasperMEN
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