Calms upset states of mind and emotions

Bringing calm and relaxation

Howlite is a wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion. Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite also can decrease anger originating from within or externally. Howlite strengthens positive character traits, removing selfishness, rude behavior, and greed.

Better Self Expression

The wake of such calming can help one be truly comfortable as oneself without the need to pretend to be anything but what you are. Subtlety and tact are also energies that howlite brings. This can calm difficult communications and ease confrontations, particularly by decreasing rudeness. Howlite is also used to heighten creativity and expand self-expression.

Better Sleep

Howlite will calm and soothe the emotions, slow the overactive mind and help to achieve a deep and restful sleep. Howlite can help to access/retrieve wisdom during the dream state and bring it back into consciousness upon waking.

Healing power on physical problems

Howlite can help with the absorption of calcium into the bones and teeth and can balance the emotions. Howlite also assists in relaxing and releasing muscular tension.

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