Heals the mental and emotional problems

Body and health improvement

The Lapis Lazuli, having emerged a versatile healer, possesses many different exclusive minerals like Calcite, Lazurite and Pyrite. These minerals fit together in harmony with one another and also within the body. One of its most important features is that it protects children from respiratory system disorders. It assures the healthy functioning of the Thyroid glands as well as increases the blood pressure. It also increases auditory strength and plays a role in the treatment of people with impotence.

Positive reflections with psychology and thoughts

The Lapis Lazuli has a wide range of effects. It amplifies your thoughts and gives you better thinking, enriches your point of access to true information and enhances your gaze. The Lapis Lazuli will help you in establishing the connection between your mind and your heart. Its continuous use in the light of this information will diminish these effects. It would be the best choice as a complement to your jewelry, an accessory to make you feel special, and get you in an elegant and strong mood.

Lapis LazuiliMEN
Lapis LazuiliWOMEN

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