Brings fulfillment of dreams and prosperity

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It provides energy and vitality to strengthen the heart and kidneys. It activates all the glands, calms the senses and increases concentration as a mild sedative.

Living a loyal and great life

Men and women generally prefer Sapphire as jewellery because it is known to provide a strong loyalty in love. It has thus become a symbol of lasting, intimate love engagements and marriage proposals.

Strengthens freedom and faith concepts

Sapphire stone destroys suspicions, provides confidence and gives a feeling of freedom. It is believed that strengthening the faith enhances the spiritual talents, removes the psychological pressure from the mind and gives a powerful intuition.


Blue Sapphire: Removes the negative emotions in the mind, fears, concerns, delusions, hate and revenge, eliminates anger, joy, satisfaction, and friendly feelings.

Pink Sapphire; Inspires love and friendly emotions, increases resilience to problems and self-confidence.

Black Sapphire: Protects from physical damage and bodily diseases. It increases the confidence of the user.

Purple Sapphire: Helps to transition into focus and meditation, whilst enhancing the spirituality.

Yellow Sapphire: Enhances knowledge, wisdom, wealth, success, happiness and brings about chances to rise in desired areas.

White Sapphire: Stimulates the mind and it helps focus on topics. Provides, honesty, good morality and beauty.

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