Stone of Protection

Purple fluorite is a peace-giving gemstone devoted to the part of the mind that connects with spirits. It keeps the mind clean and increases mental eagerness. Purple fluorite meaning mirrors better psychic abilities and focused meditation. It keeps bad dreams, stress, and evil spirits at bay. The gemstone initiates energy and relieves spiritual discomfort.

Keeps Mind Healthy

Purple fluorite healing properties are all about keeping your mind healthy and intact. It reduces confusion, tension, and anxiety. If you suffer from brain fog or confusion,it can clear that too. It helps to grasp new information and memorize things. If you wear it regularly, it can enhance your intelligence and IQ.

Acts as Dream Crystal

To mention the purple fluorite benefits, it acts as a dream crystal that keeps your mind protected. It frees your spirit at night and helps you explore without despair. If you keep the crystal under a pillow, you will not face sleep paralysis or night terrors.

Helps to Maintain Discipline

Purple fluorite keeps life disciplined. It increases the determination to reach your fitness goals and gives strength for physical activities. If you want to lead a healthy life, it's worth wearing purple fluorite. It provides the coordination and balance to fulfill a fitness regime.

Purple Fluorite Beaded Macrame Bracelet



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