Justice and Fairness stone

Symbol of stability

Red Jasper is a relatively common stone in the world and it is found in most countries. It is the symbol or representation of a stable force it bears in its red brick tones.

Energy and balance provider

Red Jasper is used for its energetic properties and balance for the person who wears it. It provides a sense of security to their emotional field of action. It helps to enhance confidence in their lives, increases love and helps them to live the present moment without fear and to assert it through their actions.

In this light, this Jasper gives reassurance to people with the fear of death or fear of the unknown. This makes this mineral a good ally to advance in life in a flourishing way.

Vitality and health

The red Jasper Stone brings more vitality, it helps with problems located at the level of the leg. It is also known for its good dynamism with sexual organs which causes a regulation of the deregulated female hormones and gives more pleasure to intimate relationships.

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