Physical benefits

The Sodalite Stone, known as the Sagittarius symbol, prevents throat disturbances (swelling, stabbing, etc.). It is also nausea relieving. It increases both the mental and physical power of the people who use it as jewellery. It has positive effects on increasing memory.

Aid for depression and drug addiction

It is of great help to eliminate extreme sadness, loss of self-esteem, loss of mental condition, depression and so on. It also greatly contributes to the return of people who are addicted to the substances and so is a stone that helps to return to normal life.

Contributes to better experience and strengthens communication

Sodalite Stones allows people who cannot express emotions and thoughts or speak comfortably, to express themselves more confidently. It increases their ability to perceive and understand each other in group friendships. It facilitates and strengthens communication in this way.

Increases concentration, strengthens thinking efficiency and get interior peace

It increases concentration by eliminating confusion and unnecessary thoughts in the mind. It enhances intelligence and logic during the recovery process. It strengthens your ability to think reasonably. It strengthens the ability to think sensibly, makes it easier to make correct decisions. It enhances your inner peace and allows harmony within the environment.


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