Mother and Child Health

Good for maternity and childbirth

The Turquoise Jasper is used very often to avoid complications during childbirth. Turquoise Jasper is supposed to protect the fetus during pregnancy.

Helpful to the brain

It revitalizes the grey matter and delays the disappearance of neurons and thus the aging of the brain. Turquoise Jasper helps to lose weight and to be in shape. It favours memory, especially intuitive memory.

Essential for the skin

It helps to reduce body odours and would be very effective against skin problems, especially ones of viral origin. It also symbolizes flexibility and discretion.

A good healer

It also fights against water retention and relieves hernia problems and is often used for stomach aches. It is used for problems of thyroid, cystitis, hyperglycemia, kidney and bladder disorders. The Turquoise Jasper would also act in cases of diarrhoea, irritated colon, colic and epilepsy. It strengthens liver function and the gastrointestinal system.

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