Brings one’s traits and characters to the surface for examination and transformation

Symbol of Venus and Romance

The White Opal, which has a tendency to give hope and positive thinking, is one of the most useful stones to use in marriage and love life problems. It is often used to create more positive vibrations and to remove negative emotions. It is useful in balancing all the chakras. It gives a positive perspective towards life to its various users and also facilitates emotional balancing and control. It is a great healer for eye diseases.

The White Opal absorbs the anger in you and provides you with a self-control capability. By gaining your personal will the White Opal gemstone also helps you improve your ability to express yourself well. It frees you from all the false beliefs trapped in you and purifies you.

Benefits to physical problems

It helps people with joint problems and increases the eye's vision.

White OpalMEN
White OpalWOMEN

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