Bracelets with Watches Style Guide - How to Combine Them to Look Stylish

Why to only adorn a watch when you can boost your style game by combining them with luxurious bracelets? They not only give you a timeless look but also serve as ultimate lavish accessories. While most people have their doubts about wearing bracelets with watches, we assert that there's nothing you cannot achieve with confidence. Bracelets are exquisite pieces to couple with trending watches on the same wrist and simply stand out. To style a bracelet to go with watches, you need to consider a multitude of factors:

The material of the watch

When you have chosen a fancy piece of wrist accessory, even your watch should be gleaming and stunning. Pick out a watch with shiny material, which looks classy and exuberant. These timeless pieces can serve you on all occasions, from formal needs to parties.


Silver and golden watches are most common in men, with equally attractive bracelets in combination. You can also choose multicolored dials and an equivalent bracelet, to create a color burst effect.


A rugged strap creates the best edgy look for men's bracelets to wear with a watch. However, the leather strap also performs well when your bracelet strap complements it.

The options in watches can be limited, but there are plenty of options for men’s bracelets. Here is our exhaustive guide to help you ace your look with the right bracelet, combining them with any watch, from analog to smart.

What To Consider When Combining Your Watch With A Bracelet

If you are new to experimenting with bracelets and watches together, it might surprise you how subtle elements create the best impact. By focusing on the little factors of designing, color, and material, you can alter the impression of the accessories. The key is to remain radiant and not overdo. You can get started with our suggestions, and then unearth plenty of original combinations by yourself. There are no hard and fast rules governing your style, but here are some quick tips for creating an appealing look.

Color & Style

Gold and Silver

An excellent color play can help you carry watches and bracelets on the same hand, very easily. The safest bet to place is on the combination of the same hues of metals. Gold and silver, for example, do not work well together. Silver gives out a restrained meaning, while gold is all about a formal setting. Our styling tip will be to go completely natural with your instincts when you are dealing with metals. It is not mandatory to combine metal strapped watches with metal bracelets. Atolyestone’s cuff bracelets, solid gold and silver elements and clasps on leather bracelets work nicely too.

Blue and Black

When it comes to classy colors like blue and black, your bracelet can have different styles, from formal to personalized. As your watch can contain hints of gold and silver in them, the cuffing of our blue and black bracelets matches best with them. You can also choose the combo packs for an enhanced and synchronized fashion. In Atolyestone’s men’s leather bracelets collections you can pick the color that you like most, besides blue and black there is navy, dark green and dark red that can all look great with your watch.


Who does not love to make a style statement by keeping your style more posh than gaudy? You can also choose a more minimalist and streamlined look with bracelets for watches. Available in solid hints of both silver and gold, embedded on sheen blue and black thin straps, these bracelets can complete your look with complementing watches.

Nautical Style

Created for the men who love a rugged look for their casual outings and trips, the anchor bracelets are in vogue. They give a nautical style, with their meticulous selection of beads and hint of solid silver hue. Available in different color choices, you can have one for each outfit, serving right to all your moods.


Gold Combo

When it comes to pairing with golden hues, nothing can beat the vibrant dominance of black. If you love gold bracelets, this personalized black leather bracelet can just be the one for you. The gold alphabetical cuffing creates a resonance with the watch and makes for the perfect bracelets watches combo.

Personalised Black Leather Bracelet with Initials & Gold Watch Combo

Personalised Black Leather Bracelet with Initials & Gold Watch Combo

Personalized Anchor Leather Bracelet Watch Combo

Are you an adventure lover who cannot contain the urges, even when dealing with regular life? Then we must have the right pick for you. Get this personalized anchor leather bracelet that speaks volumes of your inner explorer. Combined with a matching gold watch, this is a confidence boost to your strong personality.

 Personalised Navy Leather Bracelet with Initials & Gold Watch Combo

 Personalised Navy Leather Bracelet with Initials & Gold Watch Combo

Leather Bracelet Watch Combo

Silver is an appealing color for most men who are into the subtly attractive style of dressing. This combo brings the ultimate leather bracelets to go with watches. The leather is braided and linked with a silver, carved cuffing which is not very elusive, yet impressive. When paired with a white dial silver watch, the black leather accentuates your waist very well.

Men’s Classic Braided Leather Bracelet & Watch Combo

Men’s Classic Braided Leather Bracelet & Watch Combo

Leather and Beaded Bracelet Watch Combo

Gold and silver watches with colorful dials have always been trending with men who aspire to be remarkable. To bring bracelets and watches together, there are colorful beaded bracelets that match these watches. There are occasional hints of silver beads that resemble the tint of your watch.

Streamline Premium Leather Bracelet & Leather Beaded Bracelet Combo

If you are looking for options to carry more than one bracelet with your watch, we have tapped on the right product for you. A combination of streamline leather bracelet and a leather beaded gold bracelet makes a strong statement with large dial watches. They contain beads and cuffs, complementing the shade of your watch, suiting best to lift your wrist game.

Men’s Streamline and Leather Beaded Bracelets & Watch Combo

Men’s Streamline and Leather Beaded Bracelets & Watch Combo



It is vital to remember that you can always take off the bracelets, and you have no obligation to continue wearing them in many places. But the style demand is such that bracelets to go with watches have also been updated for formal occasions. If you are wearing a cufflink, choose the same color of the watch. We recommend going with a thin, single leather bracelet in matching shades. For a more assertive look, you can also check out Atolyestone’s  bangle bracelet collection.

Sports and Outdoor

When you are stepping out for some clubbing or sporting, you need to have a loud ensemble with flair. You can easily distinguish yourself from the rest with anchor bracelets and minimalist bracelets, which speak for the roadster in you. Complete your look with sturdy leather watches and be ready for a strike on any game.


Who said that fancy watches and bracelets were only meant for special occasions? Fashion is a party we can have daily, and with your styling sense, you are definitely invited. Pep up your casual looks with streamline bracelets and beaded bracelets. For a dash of exuberance, you can also try out the Macrame bracelets with your casual outfits.

Bracelets With Watches & How They Match Best

Combining bracelets with watches is an art which you can easily get accustomed to, with constant mix and match. However, as the types of watches change, their complementary bracelets change too. For example, vintage watches like those from Cartier can be paired with beaded bracelets. The soft shimmer of the beads elaborately brings out the magnanimity of the watch, without overshadowing it.

For chronograph watches, Atolyestone’s Trademark anchor bracelets can add a nautical edge to the overall personality. Similarly, with smartwatches culture on emergence, the braided and gemstone bracelets are also in huge demand. As we lay out the easy guidelines for you to match your watch and bracelets, the combinations can start coming to you like an obvious choice. However, you should always be open to experimenting, and putting together mismatching bracelets, to define your personal style statement.

Style Ideas For Bracelets To Wear With Your Apple Watch

The buzzy Apple Watch is the smart rendition of the digital watch and can be stylized to look great for both formal and casual days. From the insiders of the fashion world, we can learn to make this smart appearance, even cooler, with bracelets. Atolyestone’s beaded bracelets and braided cuff bracelets are the most elegant bracelets to wear with the Apple watch. Available mostly in silver shades, they complete the all-black look of the smartwatch.

Our Designer’s Choice Of Best Bracelets To Wear With Your Rolex Watch

With large dials and shimmering finish, Rolex speaks of lavishness. Therefore, the bracelets that you choose to couple with them should also be very modern and extravagant. The classic cuff bracelets, minimalist bracelets, and bangle bracelets are our favorite picks for a bracelet to wear with a Rolex. There are fancy customization options also available, to give a personal touch to your bracelets, including the addition of your name initials as cuffing.

Bracelets That Will Look Stylish With Your Cartier Watch

Cartier offers a vast collection of vintage and luxury watches, which can be made more striking with accessories. Finding the best bracelet to wear with a Cartier is very easy. With the premium watch collection, all the luxury fancy bracelet designs from the house of Atolyestone will suit you perfectly. You can dress in any outfit and combine these watches with our study, yet thin skull bracelets for the most excellent impression. You can also try out the beaded and gemstone bracelets for an up and close look with large Cartier watches.

Bracelets To Wear With Your Fitbit That Will Make You Look Even Sportier

Every sports and fitness enthusiast must own a trendy piece of Fitbit to get every step and calorie burn counted. This excellent piece of technology also needs a unique bracelet to wear with Fitbit. The leather bracelets and anchor bracelets are fine specimens of handmade artistry, which suits the rough and modern edge of Fitbit. The leather bracelets are carefully braided with standard Italian Nappa leather, which maintains a shining, yet rustic and bold look. The 2020 collection has further been updated to match the trends and make bracelets the new mandatory with watches.

Celebrities That Love Wearing Bracelets Together With Their Watches

Our celebrities are more than charming personalities; they are also our style icons. From rocking casual with perfection like Brad Pitt to admiring the versatile looks of Matt Damon, we all have tried to replicate their wardrobe aesthetics. It is now time to learn from them how well they carry bracelets with watches.

Jay Z in Bracelet and Watch Combo

Jay-z Wearing a Bracelet & Watch

Do you doubt your confidence to carry a bracelet and watch in the same hand? Here's the best inspiration, straight from the catalog of Jay Z, who is matching bracelets with a matte finish watch. The blackish silver tint is complemented by the light shades of the bracelets, creating the perfect combination.




David Beckham and Multiple Bracelets

David Beckham Bundles His Bracelets


Are you headed out for a sports session  with your boys? Take the recommendation of none other than the great David Beckham for your accessories styling. Pair multiple beaded bracelets to show off your attitude, wherever you go. This is the ultimate accessory guidance that you will ever need.



Eduardo Costa Love Atolyestone’s in Leather Bracelets

Eduardo Costa Wearing an Atolyestone Leather Bracelet & Watch

Recommended by many celebrities, Atoylestone has become a prominent name to design bracelets that can be paired with different kinds of watches. Eduardo Costa recently graced the stage, adorning Atolyestone’s leather bracelets. Mix up the brown and black ones, separated with a leather watch to perfect your look.



Lidiya Zeydan Showing Off Her Atolyestone Anchor Bracelets

Lidiya Zeydan With Atolyestone Anchor Bracelet Combined With Watch

A successful entrepreneur and the founder of Body Lab, Lidiya Zeydan, was spotted in the anchor bracelets by Atoylestone. The bracelet had a touch of aqua upon silver, imitated in the shade of her watch, also matched with her shoes. This is undoubtedly the style of bracelet and watches that we will want to pull on our way to the next clubbing night.


Bracelets with watches together make a great combination. Both completing the style and creating a distinguish look. Visit for exquisite combination ideas and stunning bracelets.