Nautical Jewelry Summer Trends - The Comeback of Anchor Bracelets, Compass Necklaces and More

What do you imagine when you hear the word “sea”? Yes, a beautiful unending sea with glittering sand and a fantastic vacation. It is not just the vacation that excites you, but planning the perfect beach look sets your excitement to a new level. 

While we focus more on shopping for the perfect vacation apparels, it is equally important to look after the matching jewelry. After all, your stunning attire is incomplete without incorporating the right piece of accessories.

When the summer sets in and you plan your vacation, you must remember that this is a nice opportunity to blend with nautical jewelry designs. A plethora of white submerged with navy blue stripes, while the rudders and anchors narrate their stories through your jewelry. It adds a spark and touch of luxury to your persona and shows off your personality to speak a lot about your outfit. 

Nautical Jewelry Collection

If we are talking about nautical designs, we are sure to come across the “must-have” stripes and marine shades like deep blue, white and red along with a tinge of yellow and black. 

Celebrating the seasons, nautical jewelry is handy for all the occasions. You can either bring in stones, gems or sandbars and sterling silver. The soft shades with a hint of being bold define nautical designs. From shining bracelets to necklaces, we have got you covered with this guide to help you pick perfect nautical-themed accessories. 

1.Brace the Bracelet!

A great another way to complement your outfit is by adding a simple bracelet to it. Nautical designs introduce us to some cool and unique bracelet designs. While you dress up appropriately for every occasion, pairing it up with a beautiful and delicate nautical themed bracelet is a great idea to add a touch of elegance. 

Shop from Atolyestone's customized collection of nautical bracelets for men and women. You have multiple metal choices, including solid old, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, gunmetal, and sterling silver. Get a bracelet accentuated with semi-precious gemstones for an expensive and opulent look. Choose from braided bracelets, leather bracelets, beaded bracelets, and cuff bracelets. Custom bracelets with your own initials and best-sellers like jewelry featuring an anchor make an excellent pick.

Nautical anchor bracelet designs may include strings attached with an anchor shining in the center, or a tiny compass attached to it. Some bracelets may embrace a series of silver shells, anchors, horseshoe, rudder, and compasses to give a complete vacation package packed in a bracelet. Apart from this, people also choose to wear sandbar bracelets which are earthy and give a classic sandy look. In fact, anchor bracelets for him make a great gift for a sea-lover guy in your life. 


Ocean Twined Anchor Bangle

Twined Anchor Bangle Bracelet

Are you looking for charming nautical bracelets for women? You can resist feminine beaded, bangle, braided and macrame bracelets. 


Nautical necklaces for men make a great pick for sailors, crew, or every man who loves water, voyages, and boats. Make a stud statement with an elegantly designed nautical necklace by combining splendid designs with 925 sterling silver or solid gold. 

Nautical themes have the coolest color palettes that give you a chance to flaunt your accessories on every occasion. Be it a wedding, or a formal meeting, you can choose either a layered necklace or a simple silver chain with nautical-themed miniature pendants. 

Opt for a silver leohead necklace and men’s skull necklace designed in sterling silver that gives your stylish and timeless appearance. 

When it comes to pendants, you have countless choices, including tiger square, streamline tag, Samurai tag, box necklace and prime necklace, to name a few. Some of the most popular choices are classic anchor pendant, claw pendant, beautiful compass necklace, and skull charm necklace. All in all, you have a whole beach and the depth of the ocean to yourself! 


Men's Paved Anchor Pendant

Atolyestone's Anchor Necklace


Men wear rings to signify privilege, wealth, and their taste for life. And, nautical rings for men represent their passion and love for water.  

A small accessory yet the powerful one! A ring is the favorite accessory when it comes to adding a style. 

Artistically designed anchor rings for men look trendier, classic, as well as contemporary. Choose from nautical compass rings for men  or shop for a men’s rudder ring in 925 sterling silver to make a unique personality statement. 

Men's Nautical Rings

Nautical Rings for Men

When it comes to being nautical, just close your eyes and choose a silver ring with blue shining sapphire stones. It adds elegance and highlights your beauty giving you a touch of luxury. You could choose Atolyestone’s search for a shining sterling silver anchor band wave ring that perfectly captures the essence of nautical design. 

Ranging from a variety of options like marine creatures or wave designs, nautical themes have a lot to offer! 

We just went through some of the major accessories that you must carry while you are on a vacation or scheduled a meeting. Nautical shades add beauty to your the accessories and give it a unique perspective. Now that you are aware of which accessory to hold onto, let us walk through the occasions when you can try nautical designs!

Getting Customized Nautical Jewelry

Do you want to buy personalized nautical jewelry and have a design in your mind? Fret not! You can get a dreamy nautical ring, bracelet, pendant, or any other piece of the jewelry customized as per your specifications. 

Simply, let Atolyestone know your requirements, and get your desired jewelry delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time duration.

When Can You Wear Nautical Jewelry?

The ageless nautical trend looks classic and flattering on men of all ages. It adds elegance and style to your attire, especially when you are heading for a beach vacation. 

These days, the nautical theme is hitting the jewelry industry and summers are a perfect time to experiment with your apparels and accessories. The summer calls in for cooler shades and a minimalist and maximalist approach of style. And that’s what defines the nautical theme! 

Summer offers the perfect weather to pair your apparels with stylish accessories. While nautical shades deal with peaceful whites and navy blues, you must choose your jewelry according to these shades since they are cooler and classic.

If you are looking ahead to hop on a beach, you can style your beachwear with an anchor or a compass necklace, a silver tiger band, a macrame bracelet,  and you have countless options. You 

If you are heading to a summer wedding, load yourself with white pearl jewelry. It is known for its simplicity and luxurious finish. Bold colored dresses with light toned accessories will definitely be a showstopper!

For a formal meeting, it is recommended to go for a blue dial watch or a lighter bracelet that is not too heavy. You can style up with either white or silver earrings and that will be enough to keep you stylish and elegant!

Celebrities Flaunting Nautical Jewelry

Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow has been spotted with his favorite stack of nautical necklaces and rings many times. His pictures reveal his love for anchor and compass pendants. You can easily spot Depp flaunting his nautical jewelry uniquely.  

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – She says, “Beads are always appropriate!” Beads define beauty and add a touch of luxury. They fill you with elegance and highlight your charisma. Jacqueline was found flaunting her love for beaded jewelry which is on top of the nautical jewelry design.

Josephine Skriver – She posed for a jewelry campaign where she was seen playing with a layered necklace. The nautical design encourages simplicity with a hint of luxury. Layered necklace is just perfect for a beach look when paired with a white outfit. 


Nautical designs are trending and give you a unique experience of accessories. While there are seashells and anchors you can style them up through any accessory. An anklet, bracelet or a ring – you can flaunt your beach look with this amazing nautical jewelry palette. So which one are you obsessed with?

So, it’s time to show off your ocean-loving personality with the wide and unique selection of nautical jewelry at Atolyestone.