Men Necklaces and it's Symbols: A Comprehensive Guide

Men's necklaces have been dominating the men's fashion industry lately. Not only does it look classy with casual outfits, but it also makes a great pair with formal suits and tuxedos. However, men's necklaces aren't just limited to style but also deep symbolism. The type of necklaces and their symbol has different meaning, significance, and manifestation. Here's a quick brief:

The Cross Symbol: Meaning and Significance in Men's Necklaces

Men's Real Gold Cross Pendant Necklace - Atolyestone

Paved Cross Pendant in Gold

Although the meaning and significance depend upon different cultures and countries, the cross symbol in men's necklaces may indicate:

  • Christianity and religious beliefs denoting the resurrection and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Protection, guidance, and spiritualism
  • Affiliation with any religious group
  • Aesthetic appeal

Spiritual Symbols: Exploring Symbolism in Men's Necklaces

As for spiritual symbols in men's necklaces, the list can be quite diverse. You may explore symbolism necklace in designs like:

Cross: It denotes Christianity. These necklaces are available in simple cross and crucifix designs.

Hamsa/Hand of Fatima: Followed by many religions, this symbol indicates the hand of god, and it's commonly worn for spiritual protection. 

Yin and Yang: Ying Yang indicates duality and the existence, interconnection, and counterbalance of two opposite characters. It's a symbol of balance and harmony. 

Ankh: Ankh is a common Egyptian symbol that represents eternal life in Ancient Egypt. It's also called the key of life/key of the Nile. 

Animal Symbols: Symbolic Meanings in Men's Necklace Pendants

Men's Leo Necklace in Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Leo Necklace in Silver

Additionally, men's necklace pendants also have different animals on them that symbolize the following:

Lion: Power, courage, strength, leadership

Eagle: Freedom, intelligence, resilience, strength

Dragon: Power, wisdom, strength, protection, good fortune

Owl: Intuition, wisdom, knowledge, protective energies, good luck

Tiger: Strength, determination, rage

Elephant: Loyalty, prosperity, strength

Wolf: Teamwork, loyalty, instinct, independence

Cultural Symbols: Representing Heritage and Tradition in Men's Necklaces

There are different cultural symbol of necklace that represent heritage and tradition like:

Beckoning cat: According to Japanese culture, the Beckoning cat indicates good luck to the wearer. 

Buddha: Buddha pendants can be worn by followers of Buddha. It indicates peace, longevity, and prosperity. 

Claddagh: It's a symbol of a cherished relationship, which can be friendship, love, or loyalty.

Dream catcher: A dream catcher is often used so the wearer can have good dreams instead of bad ones.  

Lotus flower: Lotus flower pendants symbolise purity, spiritual enlightenment and beauty. 

Geometric Symbols: Exploring Shapes and Meanings in Men's Necklace Designs

Men's necklaces are also available in different geometric symbols of necklace like:

Men's Evil Eye Necklace - Atolyestone

Men's Evil Eye Pendant in Silver

Circle: Unity, eternity, completeness, circle of life

Triangle: Strength, stability, harmony, creativity

Square: Stability, balance, reliability

Hexagon: Balance, harmony, integration, equilibrium

Pentagram: Five elements of earth, balance, protection

Infinity: Limitless possibilities, never-ending bond, long-lasting cycle

Sailor Symbols: Exploring Maritime Meanings in Men's Necklace Designs

If you are into the ocean or maritime industry, you must check out different sailor pendants, and it's symbols:

Men's Real Gold Compass Necklace - Atolyestone

Compass Necklace in Gold

Compass: Direction, exploration, navigation, adventurous spirit

Nautical star: Protection, luck, guidance, hope

Anchor: Hope, stability, connection to sea, dedication

Men's Necklaces with Other Symbols We Selected for You

Men's Solid Silver North Star Pendant - Atolyestone

North Star Pendant in Silver

North Star pendant: Indicates guidance, direction, stability and purpose. 

Woven chain pendant: Denotes bonds, lasting relationships and ultimate power deriving from integration and unity.

Pendant with initials: Indicates self-love or your bond with a loved one. 

Symbolic Men's Necklaces: Our Top Picks for 2023

Men's Wolf Pendant in Solid Silver - Atolyestone

Wolf Pendant in Silver


What is the Meaning Behind The Cross Symbol in Men's Necklaces?

Christianity. We have elaborated on the cross symbol pendant and its meaning in the first section of this blog.

How Can I Choose A Men's Necklace With a Symbol That Resonates With Me?

Depending on your style, preferences, and personality, you can choose a men's necklace for you. For example, if you want peace and harmony, go for a necklace with Buddha. Similarly, if you want something powerful, try necklace pendants with a lion or tiger. 

What are Some Unique and Lesser-known Symbols Used In Men's Necklaces?

Some unique and lesser-known symbols for men's necklaces are Valknut, Triskelion, Eye of Horus, Dharma Wheel, Sankofa, etc. 

How Can I Style A Men's Necklace With a Symbolic Pendant for Different Occasions?

Make sure to choose the same material for both pendants and necklaces (like silver for silver, gold for gold). Also, decide on the necklace as per the occasion. If you're visiting the church or a holy place, cross pendants would be best. Similarly, if you're planning a cruise, a nautical pendant would fit perfectly.