What Are Box Chains and Why Are They Popular?

Box chain has become the new limelight for both men's and women's fashion. The stylish motifs, along with its versatile appearance and adequate durability, make it appropriate jewelry for literally any attire. Its interlinking wires and exclusive shape add the strength that's needed for long-term use. So, both men and women can't help but add it to their daily wear. 

One of the best things about box chains is that they are available in different styles and widths. Ofcourse, the thicker the box chains, the more durable they are for use. These outstanding chains are also quite comfortable to wear. Let's learn more about box chains and the reasons behind their immense popularity in today's fashion world:

What Makes Box Chains Different from Other Chains?

A major aspect by which box chain necklaces differ from other chains is their boxy outlook. The box chains have square links that are different from other chains as they usually have round links. The small box appearance of the chain also mirrors the name of the chain (box chain). Besides that, when compared to certain varieties like box chain vs cable chain, box chains can be more rugged and thick.

The Different Types of Box Chains and How to Choose the Right One for You

Box chains can be of different types. You can find the one that fits you right as per its appearance, design, and durability:

Standard or Classic Box Chain

Men's White Gold Box Chain Necklace - Atolyestone

14k Gold Box Chain Necklace

The standard or classic box chain is a simple box chain that has four sides, a flat-squared shape, straight edges, and a polished surface. Its symmetry is quite identical from all sides, resulting in the perfect shape that you can imagine for your 14K Gold box chain internal look. 

Mirror Box Chain

Mirror box chains share similar characteristics as standard or classic box chains. However, one way to differentiate between the two is by their compact arrangement. The boxes in the mirror box chain are much closer to each other than the standard ones. It doesn't have any gap, and that's why the light flows easily within the chain. It eventually produces a mirror effect for the perfect wear! 

Rounded Box Chain

Natural Gemstone Pendant Necklace for Men - Atolyestone

Natural Stone Pendant for Men

As the name suggests, rounded box chains are round or dome-shaped rather than flat-shaped. This type of box chain pairs really well with versatile pendants, thanks to the curved surface and straight edges. 

Double Box Chain

Double box chains may not have boxy shapes, but they sure do have a square-like shape. Its arrangement has square surfaces of equal width and length, making it even more flawless to wear. 

What's more unique about this double box chain is how its rings are placed in the chain. If you look closely, one of its rings is placed horizontally while the other ring is stacked on it. Similarly, a cube-like structure is formed with this double box chain so the links stay in place.

Triple Box Chain

The triple box chain has a similar arrangement as the double box chain. The only difference? In a triple box chain, three rings are stacked upon one another. Meanwhile, in the double box chain, only two rings were stacked upon each other.

Greek Box Chain

The Greek box chain is called Greek because of its Ancient Greek shapes and motifs. Its crisp design has a box shape that's modified to a 45-degree angle. For this reason, Green box chains look a lot flatter than the standard box chain. On its surface, you may get a silky, and special imprinting called pave. 

As the popularity of box chains increases, so does the variety of box chain designs. For example, this box chain and leather bracelet design is perfect for men with a dynamic style and can be easily combined with different looks.

Men's Solid Silver Box Chain & Leather Bracelet - Atolyestone

Box Chain & Leather Wrap Bracelet in Silver

Choosing the Right Box Chain For You

You can choose the right box chain for you, depending on the thickness. If you are a woman, it's worth trying out the standard or classic box chain with moderate thickness. For a bold and classy look, you can also try a rounded box chain, mirror box chain, or sterling silver box chain. 

For mens box chain necklace, however, it's worth choosing a box chain that's thick in nature, like double box chains, triple box chains, or Greek box chains. Ofcourse, there is no hard and fast rule. You can also style the box chains as per your fashion requirements. 

How to Care for Your Box Chain and Keep It Looking Great

To ensure a shiny and lasting silver box chain, you must take care of it properly. Here are some ways to keep your box chain flawless and on point:

  • Keep your box chain in a dry and cool place to avoid any corrosion.
  • Clean your box chain with a soft cloth and cleaning solution to keep it free from any dirt or oils. 
  • Avoid wearing your box chain while exercising, swimming, or showering. 
  • If you have a gold box chain or white gold box chain, keep it away from platinum chains, or it may damage the chain surface.
  • Store your chain in a jewelry box to protect it from damage or scratches. 

Box Chains for Women: How to Dress Them Up Inside or Outside the Shirt

For a casual and trendy look, you can wear the box chain inside the shirt. You can also layer them up with different styles of chains for the perfect outlook. However, if you are planning to go for a traditional or festive look, it's worth wearing a box chain necklace gold outside the shirt. That way, it will contrast well with your outfit and enhance your attire. 

925 Solid Silver North Star Pendant - Atolyestone

North Star Pendant in Silver

If you want to style your box chain outside the shirt, it's worth pairing the chain with an attractive pendant like the North Star pendantYou can also try out this fish hook box chain bracelet to add that stylish touch to your wrists. 

Fish Hook Box Chain Bracelet - Atolyestone

Fish Hook Box Chain Bracelet in Silver