How to Fit a Ring over a Big Knuckle For Men

Rings are the new style for men. Not only does it look modern, but it also gives a stylish touch to their overall attire. However, one of the biggest concerns for some men is that their knuckles are too big for the rings to fit. Big knuckles meaning stands for the part of the finger at a joint where the bone is near the surface. This is the area where the fingers join the hand.

Men with big knuckles think that they could never wear a ring. In fact, they may try and fail every time they do so. So, what's the best way to resolve such an issue? Let's check out the following:

Ring Recommendation For Large Joints

Nowadays, the market has several ring varieties that are made with sterling silver and are split at the back with unique hinges. These ring options are available in different materials and are also ideal for those who have arthritis. You can also size the ring (if you want) so it can fit your fingers flawlessly. But these rings can be damaged over time due to resizing a lot. 

We recommend you to buy your rings from stores that produce custom ring sizes like us.

How To Make Your Fingers Thinner?

While you cannot make your fingers thinner magically, you can always try out some tips and tricks for the same. For example, you can try losing weight through low-calorie diets. If not, you can try finger-focused exercises or reduce swelling through a low-sodium diet. Your fingers can also swell up due to sitting in the same position for a long time or lack of movement, so make sure to move the fingers every now and then.

How To Choose the Big Knuckles Best Size For Your Wedding Ring?

People with big knuckles often struggle to choose their wedding ring. In the majority of cases, they don't get the size of the ring that fits their big knuckles. For those people, it's recommended to go to a jewelry store that uses tools like cable ties. 

Diamond Wedding Ring for Men

Diamond Coyote Buttes Ring - Solid Silver

Cable ties are a wide plastic-like ring that slips over the finger loosely. As soon as it passes through your finger, the jeweler can tighten it gradually until it reaches the perfect size. You can also do this process with a thread, where you can tie it across the knuckle and measure its length. 

Engagement Ring Solutions For Large Knuckles

If you are wondering about some of the engagement ring solutions for large knuckles or if your wedding ring won't fit over the knuckle, these are the tips that you can try out:

  • Round ring profile: Look for a ring with a rounded profile, as it is easier to move through the knuckles and fingers. As these rings are gentle and do not scratch the skin, you wouldn't struggle with the same. 
  • Thin Shank: Instead of rings with wide shanks, we recommend going for thin ones. For big knuckles, try out shanks with 3 mm or less size. Not only are they easy to wear, but you wouldn't face any discomfort whatsoever. 
  • Half-Open Ring: If you think the usual rings are a bit too tight for you, go for half-open ones. These rings are broadly divided into two groups, where for one ring, the incision is hidden at the back of the hand, and for the other, the cut serves as the decor/style.
  • Wear your ring on the second phalanx: Lastly, if you think that the rings cannot fit at all, simply wear them on the second phalanx or the area where it gets fixed securely. 

Hinged Rings For Large Knuckles

Another way for men with big knuckles to wear rings is by choosing hinged ring options. Hinged rings for big knuckles are one of the most popular inventions in the ring industry as they can open up and pass through your knuckle easily. Once it does, you can snap the ring around the finger and wear it for any event, wedding, or special occasion. 

How To Reduce Knuckle Size?

If you think your knuckle size is big or the ring won't go over the knuckle, you can reduce it by soaking it in a warm salt water solution. Not only will it relieve any pain but any edema or stiffness that may occur in your hands or finger. 

Now that you know the strategies for fitting a ring over your big knuckle try these methods, and we are sure you wouldn't regret it.