Are Men's and Women's Ring Sizes the Same?

Are you looking for the perfect ring but confused between sizes? Are you wondering are men's and women's ring sizes are the same? Finding the correct size is crucial, whether it is an engagement ring, promise ring, wedding ring, or any ring. However, the question that often confuses everyone is how to measure your ring size. 

Like all other sizes, the ring sizes also have great margins for men and women. However, the ring sizes for women and men ring size have many differences. So, wait no more, as here is a complete guide to finding the accurate ring size. The rings are special, and they must fit the wearer perfectly. So, let's have a look.

Average Men's Ring Size

The average mens ring sizes are larger than women's. Generally, men have broader and taller physiques than women; therefore, the ring is also bigger. The international and US ring size charts are according to the finger circumference; the only difference is the use of units. The US charts use inches and internationally go with millimeters. 

For instance, the US chart 7 means 2.14 inches in circumference, and the European size is 54.5 mm. So, coming back to the average mens ring size, it generally ranges from 8 to 14. But the most common range is between 9 and 11. 

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Leo Statement Ring

Imperial Leo Ring

The general trend is that men with smaller sizes go with sleek designs like the beautiful signature arrow band ring in gold, and with large sizes can go with a bold imperial leo ring. For medium sizes, a streamline band ring in gold will look wonderful. So, 9 to 11 can be said as the average men's ring size for choosing a ring.

Average Women's Ring Size

Men's Pyramid Ring in Solid Silver

Minimal Pyramid Pave Ring in Silver

Well, if we come to the question, are men's and women's ring sizes the same? This average size will let you know the answers. Women usually have sizes ranging from 3 to 12 sizes. But the most common size is 6 to 8.

So, mens vs womens ring size depicts that women have smaller sizes. Therefore, whether you're selecting a  minimalist ring in silver or a diamond minimal pyramid ring in gold, you must size up while choosing it for men.

Is Your Ring Size The Same as Your Shoe Size?

Many people come up with the question: is your ring size the same as your shoe size? No, the ring size is calculated by the ring's inner circumference. On the other hand, the shoe size is calculated by the foot's length. This is a total myth. 

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Classic Wedding Band

Classic Band Ring - Solid Silver

You must follow the average men ring size and women's size to buy the ring. The best way is to note down the circumference of the finger, use a ring sizer or chart or take advice from jewelry experts. This will also help you find out are mens ring sizes the same as women's or not. The beautiful classic ring will only look good if it has a great fit, so always find the ideal fit.

How To Measure Your Ring Size?

Here are the best ways to solve your query about are womens and mens ring sizes the same. Here are some excellent ways to find out ring size for men and women. Whether your ring is heavy like a tiger cushion ring in silver, or sleek like a sunbeam band ring in gold, the inner circumference remains the same.

Men's Animal Inspired Tiger Cushion Ring 

Tiger Cushion Ring in Silver

How to Measure Ring Size With String?

To measure size of ring for men or women, perform this string method:

  • Take a string and wrap it around the base of the finger. It shouldn't be too tight or loose
  • Mark the end where it meets the other end
  • Now measure the distance and convert it into millimeters to find the ring size.

Check The Size Chart For a Ring You Own

To find out the accurate size and to know if men and women ring sizes are the same, check the size chart. You can download the chart and print it. Now, find a ring that fits you perfectly. 

Then, place the ring over all the sizes to find where it fits the best. This will help you know a perfect size and also tell the answer to are ring sizes the same for males and females.

Purchase a Ring Sizer

Having the perfectly right size ring is very important. To know if men's and women's ring sizes are the same and find the accurate size, opt for a ring sizer. It is easily available online and offline. 

You must insert the finger into the appropriate hole and slide it up or down to check the comfortable fit.