Tiger Rings, Bracelets & More - Our Modern Tiger & Bamboo Jewelry Collection Will Sophisticate Your Style

Meaning of Tiger Jewelry

The idea of incorporating animal figurines like lions and tigers into jewelry has been popular for time immemorial. The latest trends are doing various animal engravings in rings, bracelets, and pendants. While the lion jewelry has been doing the rounds for a while, it is time to gear up for the latest tiger jewelry designs.

Tigers are known to be the king of the jungle in the Asian regions, unlike Europe and Africa. According to Chinese mythology, the striped predator not only guards the world from all four sides but also from the center. Historically, the tiger is a Chinese cultural symbol and depicts bravery, strength, and sympathy.

Ever since it has become an endangered species, creating awareness about tigers has become even more important. What can be a better way than wearing it as an accessory on an everyday basis or for special occasions? Keeping the same thing in mind, Atolyestone has recently launched the Tiger and Bamboo collection.

Our latest Tiger and Bamboo collection is a perfect combination of power myth and elegance. The collection features tiger bracelets, tiger pendants, and tiger rings in different metals and styles.

 Significance of Tiger Jewelry

Since tigers come from the family of wild cats, they represent courage, strength, and grandeur. Tiger jewelry is a popular choice amongst men because of the same reason. Whether worn in the form of a ring or a pendant, jewelry signifies a determination to defend oneself and their homeland for men. 

Types of Material Offered

Atoleystone offers you a wide range of material in tiger jewelry whether its metals like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, or oxidized silver. Available in 10K, 14K, and 18K; the quality of our gold fine jewelry goods speaks for itself.

 Tiger Cuff in Gold

Tiger Cuff in Gold

In terms of bracelets, the leather cords can be availed in black nappa, navy nappa, blue nappa, dark green nappa, and dark nappa. You can customize various metals with these leather cords to design something of your own. 

Tiger Leather Bracelet in Silver

Tiger Leather Bracelet in Silver

Types of Tiger Jewelry

Now that you are well aware of all the materials, let’s talk about different designs to try your hands on. Or rather styles to try on your hands instead? Atolyestone has managed to occupy the top place when it comes to offering a quality of material as well as designs. 

Remember, when it comes to styling men’s jewelry, feel free to keep it subtle or go all the way in .It is your personal choice after all!

Tiger Bracelets

Gone are the days when bracelets sounded like too much jewelry for men. Wearing metallics with suits and beads or leathers with casuals make bracelets blend in naturally with the outfit. Now, what if the bracelet had a tiger head engraved on it? Exciting, right?

If you are a fan of bold accessories, this spectacular piece of jewelry with tiger and bamboo engravings needs to find a place in your wardrobe. Whether you pick the yellow gold or sterling silver, it will look perfect with every piece of clothing. Our favorite pairing would include a suit in it but you do you.,

The much talked about tiger leather bracelet is curated with fine, premium Italian Nappa. The metallic elements add hints of class and elegance to the style. Such a piece of jewelry makes a great styling accessory with the classic white shirt with jeans or trousers combination. However, we don’t mind seeing you styling it with a casual leather or denim jacket either


When talking about bracelets, do not forget the old trick i.e. the art of layering. Your gold tiger head leather bracelet will perfectly go well with a gold watch. Feel free to add another golden bracelet for a bolder look. The only thing you need to remember during layering is picking the same metals. Nobody likes clashing gold with silver.

Tiger Rings

It is 2021 and we wish to see men’s fingers blinging with metals more than women. With our range of rings, achieving this is easier than you thought. From bold pieces to dainty ones, Atolyestone’s collection will not let you down.

Tiger Band Ring

Tiger Band Ring in Silver

Men have been known for their love for boring, old fashioned wedding bands. We are here to spice things up with this masterpiece from our Tiger and Bamboo collection. Featuring exquisite craftsmanship in three different metal options, this tiger band ring is all you need. 

From casual to smart casual outfits, all you need to do is slide on this broad and bold band to uplift your look instantly. You can also consider switching your wedding band with a tiger head ring to try something different.

How about leaving a long-lasting expression with a huge tiger cushion ring? The ideal choice for all the square ring lovers out there, this tiger cushion ring screams confidence. This ring looks like a perfect fit in case you wish to carry the look of a mafioso. 

Tiger Cushion Ring in Gold

Tiger Cushion Ring in Gold

You might have seen girls stacking up rings in almost every finger and pulling those off really well. To your surprise, men can do the same as well but try not going overboard. You can wear two to three rings at once but remember that spacing is the key. Do not forget the big old thumb when wearing multiple rings.

Tiger Pendants

There’s nothing like a chain hanging with a classic tiger pendant in it. The shiny piece of metal will make you stand out without putting in many efforts. Who knew styling was this easy?

The rectangular-shaped tiger pendant is elaborately designed and handcrafted with the finest touch. It looks equally good in gold, silver, and rose gold making for a great accessory choice for a casual or semi-casual look.

rectangular-shaped tiger pendant

Rectangular-shaped Tiger Pendant

Another classy option available in the pendant section is this tiger square pendant. This eye-catching piece is the perfect amalgamation of class and style. You won’t regret carrying this golden chunk with an all-black look to grab all the eyeballs in the room. 

Tiger Square Pendant in Gold

Tiger Square Pendant

If you are up for an adventure, the art of layering can work here too! If you are confident enough, hang two pendants with similar or different styles to add some flair to your look. 

Styling Tiger Jewelry

Incorporating tiger jewelry with your clothes might sound a little tricky but believe us, it is not. There are different styles of wearing tiger jewelry with your everyday clothes which can be pulled off easily. 

How about experimenting with something in camouflage or the dschungel look? A camouflage jacket or a pair of cargo pants paired with chunky gold pendants or silver rings look perfect.

If you are a fan of casual affairs, just wear a leather tiger bracelet with your casual white t-shirt and a pair of jeans for an effortless look. In case you decide to throw on a jacket, adding a pendant wouldn’t harm either.

What if we told you that pulling off tiger jewelry is comparatively easier when it comes to formal suits? Yes, you heard it right! Wearing a bold ring in gold or layering up bracelets with the iconic gold watch can get you to places. 

If you choose to wear a turtleneck under your blazer, wearing a pendant is the best thing that can happen to your outfit. The tiger pendant will instantly become the center of attention helping you in making a style statement. 

Since we are talking about styles, feel free to browse through our lion style guide as well to get some styling tips.


When it comes to jewelry, men are often hesitant in trying anything other than the boring bands. With changing times and the evolution of fashion, it is important to understand the importance of jewelry accessorizing in the men’s department. 

Atolyestone understands the ever-changing needs of the fashion industry and makes sure to provide the latest trends. When it comes to styling, get a little creative, and try your hands on different styles to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

To ace the style game, remember to keep your mind open to any styling possibilities and take a leap of faith when needed. Whether you decide to go for a single ring or multiple, at the end of the day you should feel comfortable and confident in your skin.