Men’s Ring Wearing Guide - Find Out More On The Ways To Wear Rings For Men


Wearing men’s rings can be a confusing subject. There is very little implicit information on ring etiquette. There are some traditional rules when it comes to wearing men’s rings. These are not rules set in stone, because wearing rings, however, wherever and whenever is a personal choice.

Men’s jewelry often gets restricted to either a watch or a simple wedding band. While there are a lot of style guides available in terms of watches, the same cannot be said about rings. When we talk about ring etiquette for men, some traditional rules can be followed. However, feel free to bend these rules depending upon your personal choice and style.  

Without further ado, let us be your guiding light to the men's ring styling path.

How To Wear A Ring

Wearing rings beyond a wedding band reflects your personal style making a statement. There are all sorts of questions regarding what ring should men wear or if it is ok for guys to wear rings. Don't worry, we will be answering such questions and many more in this men's ring style guide for you.

 Which hand to wear a ring? Right or left hand or both even?

To begin with, let's talk about whether to wear a ring on the left or right hand. There are no hard and fast rules about wearing a ring in a specific hand except for the wedding ring. This too varies from culture to culture. While some traditions mandate a man on wearing the ring on the left hand, others insist on the right hand instead.

Since the right hand is considered more active and dominant, it draws a lot of attention because of hand gestures. If you wish to make a statement by becoming the center of attraction in a conversation, the right hand is the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, i.e. left, it is symbolized as a mental hand that represents your character and belief. These are quite generic concepts and should not come in your styling way. In fact, if you are in for something exciting, why not wear rings in both hands to instantly uplift your style?

Men's guide to wearing rings

Men's Guide to Wearing Rings


What Is The Right Finger To Wear A Ring? 

When it comes to choosing the right finger, note that each finger symbolizes something unique. For instance, the index finger used to be a popular choice for wearing rings a hundred years back denoting family status. The same has been observed for different fraternities and clubs.

Following some of the traditional beliefs, the index fingers make a great place for signet and family crest rings even in today's era. The younger generation is more drawn towards the index finger as it symbolizes power and authority.

 Men's Silver Family Crest Signet Ring Square

Silver Family Crest Signet Ring Square

 Does wearing a ring on your little finger mean anything?

If you are looking for a statement ring, the little finger or popularly known as the pinky works the best. You might have observed your favorite Hollywood bad boys wearing a ring in their little fingers from Al Pacino to Ryan Gosling. Rings such as Fleur De Lis ring depict your confidence and fierceness. 

Fleur De Lis Ring in Solid Gold

Fleur De Lis Ring in Solid Gold

Eagle solid gold silver rings also reflect your free spirit.

Men's Eagle Ring in Yellow Solid Gold

 Eagle Ring in Yellow Solid Gold

From choosing shiny metal bands to embedding a stone in it, rings in pinkies can be easily pulled off with formal suits

Can a man wear a ring on his middle finger?

Rings in the middle finger might not be a common practice. If you are opting for a single ring in your hand, the middle finger should be your go-to. 

You can easily carry off a bulky piece in the boldest finger of all. In case there are multiple fingers involved, the best way ahead is a simple and minimal ring to avoid clashing with other fingers.

Wear just one ring or multiple rings?

Let’s not forget about the big old thumb. One can never go wrong with a broad and huge ring in the thumb making a statement of its own.

 A ring in the thumb will instantly make you and your style stand out amongst the group. From classic broad bands to signet rings, the thumb is a great option to make it flashy yet sophisticated.

Wearing multiple rings is another fashion statement that you can try your hands on. 

The art of wearing multiple rings requires the right balance and spacing between fingers and thumb. Following the rule that less is more, opt for two or three fingers at the max for the stackable look,

Finger Index

What To Look For When Choosing A Ring

Choosing the right ring might sound like a task but go with your inner instincts and you will succeed. There are a few things you should keep in mind though. 

 Decide On The Size & Fit

The most important thing while picking a ring is to maintain the proportion of rings to your hands. In simple words, slim or smaller hands need compact or small rings while large rings look good on larger hands.

How should a ring fit?

An ideal ring should slide over the knuckle with a little friction and snug in comfortably without affecting the blood circulation. It should be neither lost nor too tight and should look perfect on your finger or thumb.

How do I find out my ring size?

However, finding out your perfect ring size might sound tricky. This is why Atolystone offers you a ring size guide to assist you in choosing the right size for yourself. All you need is a chord and a ruler to find your match in our size guide.

How to Find Ring Size


Are men's rings sizes different from women's?

Please note that similar to clothes and shoes, men’s ring sizes are different from women’s. As compared to women’s thin and small rings, men’s rings are thicker and wider. However, these days there are multiple styles available for men ranging from small bands to bold crest rings.

Should the ring be facing out or in?

Now, there are a few rings like a skull ring or a college ring that can be worn facing in as well as facing out. If you wear a ring as an accessory and it acts as self-expression, you must wear it pointing out. However, if it holds a sentimental value to you and no one else; feel free to opt for pointing in and facing you instead.

What Is The Occasion To Wear A Ring? Or Types of rings

When spotting rings, one must keep in mind that each occasion calls for a different style. Whether you are opting for a casual look or business wear, there are multiple ring styles you can go over. Atolyestone not just offers you different types of metals but also a wide range of stones embedded in different styles.

Rings for casual daily wear

Incorporating rings in your casual daily wear a great way to upgrade your style. There are a lot of options for keeping it casual in the men’s ring style guide. 

One of the most popular choices in casual rings is the classic anchor ring

Men's Anchor Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Anchor Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

The simplicity of this ring makes it perfect for a casual day. Available in silver and gold, it goes perfectly well with every casual outfit.

The solid chain ring makes for a great addition to your casual wardrobe. Whether you pick a simple gold or silver chain style or the one with stones paved in it, it will add instant oomph to your style.

Men's Chain Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Chain Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Casuals do not have to be boring which is why a prime ring set in natural stones like tiger eye, agate, or sodalite looks good. You can match your outfit with either of the stones to keep it subtle yet sexy.

Agate Silver Ring

Agate Silver Ring

 Cultural & Religious Meanings

Various rings hold cultural and religious sentiments. Incorporating the cultural beliefs with your modern style has never been this easier. 

Atolyestone offers you a great way to customize a few of our signature rings like the carved signet signature ring. You can upload a picture of your religious symbol or anything you wish to get in your ring.


Family Crest Customizable Square Ring in Silver


Carved Signet Signature Ring 

Zodiac Rings

Zodiac signs have become an integral part of the fashion industry especially in terms of jewelry. Atolyestone has dedicated a complete collection of lion jewelry to the Leo zodiac. Such jewelry gives out a striking impression to others.

Men's Imperial Leo Ring in Solid Gold

Imperial Leo Ring in Solid Gold

The imperial Leo ring is available in gold, silver, and rose gold colors. This eye-catching ring can be worn on a thumb or index finger to draw attention. Looks like it is time for your index finger to do all the talking.

The eagle ring is yet another example of the zodiac rings which can be worn with every type of outfit. Also known as the master of skies, the eagle symbol is the perfect amalgamation of the physical and spiritual world. 

Family / Signet Rings

The origin of men’s rings happened to be the family or signet rings. In the old times, men took pride in showing off their family symbols everywhere they went. The same tradition got carried all the way to the 21st century. 

The monogrammed statement ring is well-suited to carry your monogram everywhere you go. The customizable option allows you to carve your initials on one of our signature rings.

Premium Statement Ring in Gold

Premium Statement Ring Yellow Gold

No feeling in the world can surpass the pride of carrying your family crest in your finger at all times. The signet oval ring can incorporate your family crest in the desired base.

If you wish to get more detailed information about family or signet rings, please refer to this trend guide about signet rings.

 Rings for Business Wear

The most common question that often gets thrown around is how to wear a ring with business wear. You might not know this but bold rings in gold look the best with business wear like suits instead of other outfits. Imagine wearing a sharp suit with a gold watch in one hand and a huge statement ring in one of the fingers. Isn’t it a sight to behold?

Bold tiger cushion rings scream nothing but confidence when paired up with a suit. While the perfect metal is gold when it comes to business wear, silver works too if you are ready to experiment. 

 Classic Silver Cushion Pave RingClassic Silver Cushion Pave Ring

To give your outfit an edge, you can also incorporate something with stones. You can pick a different kind of stone to match it with your tie or pocket square and you are good to go.

Wedding & Engagement Rings

How can we forget about the classic wedding or engagement bands? You might find yourself envying your partner or spouse for being able to get solid rocks like diamonds. Gone are the days when you had to stick to a simple wedding band.

 Silver Band Wedding Ring

 Silver Band Wedding Ring 


Now you can add a full circle of stones paved into the wedding band. Whether you love black diamond or cubic zirconia, it is time for you to get yourself pampered for a change.

You can also switch the plain band for a classic pattern to get a rustic look. The pool of possibilities is endless if you are ready for some experimentation!

Choose Your Ring Style 

While there are a lot of styles available, choosing your style is the most important task. Before making any decision, take a look at your lifestyle and wardrobe. Are you someone who experiments with their style often or stick to the classic white shirt and jeans kind of style?

If you are completely new to this, try some classic bands or skull ring styles. Keep it simple and minimalist to establish your ground in terms of jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver Classic Band Ring

925 Sterling Silver Classic Band Ring

Once you get confident enough to wear anything anytime, it’s time to join the big leagues. We are talking about bold statement rings that can be worn in the index or middle fingers. Huge chunky and flashy pieces to make you stand out in a room brimming with people.

A Perfect Combination: How To Wear Rings with Bracelets and Watches?

Another crucial point that cannot be overlooked is layering up different elements of jewelry in a single outfit. The rule of thumb is not to wear everything in the same hand. If you are wearing your watch in the left hand, rings are supposed to go in the right or vice versa.

Avoiding a clash of metals is the second point. If you are wearing a gold watch, always stick to gold rings or bracelets. However, you can opt for a ring with a stone but do not change the metal.

At the end of the day, it is all about carrying your outfit effortlessly. Though we recommend you to stick to the less is more policy, if you are confident enough, go with your gut and stack up all you want.

All The Answers To Your Questions At A Glance

How should I take care of my ring?

You can get the ring checked with the jeweler professionally twice a year. If you wish to take matters into your own hands, scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush can also get the job done.

Do straight guys wear rings?

It is the 21st century and the idea of straight guys not wearing rings was left back in the 70s. You might have observed your favorite Hollywood “straight” celebrities wearing rings now and then. Why not try one yourself?

How many rings are too many for a guy?

There is nothing like too many rings if you are bold enough to carry them. You can stick to one or two initially and increase the number as you go up the confidence ladder.

Why do guys wear signet rings?

Signet or family rings often depict one’s family history. Guys love taking pride in their ancestral achievement and wear those victories with pride in public.

Do men wear engagement rings?

Of course, men wear engagement rings provided they get one from their better halves. Ladies, if you get proposed first do not let your man roam around ring-less, and make sure to get him one asap