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The chances are high that you may have witnessed people wearing a ring on a chain. You must be wondering what the idea behind it is. Is it a style or some beautiful story? The choice is quite practical and thoughtful and also looks very stylish. So, let's learn everything about wearing a ring on a necklace and what does it mean?

What Does A Ring On A Necklace Mean?

A ring on a necklace means wearing a ring to the necklace. For example, men add rings to stylish men's necklaces for various reasons, which also look trendy. This fashion has been trending a lot lately, and there are various thoughtful reasons behind it. So, let's uncover each:


Cuban Links Necklace Chain

925 Sterling Silver Cuban Chain Necklace

People wear a ring on a necklace to add a pinch of style to their look. For example, a cuban links necklace chain with a ring will give it a statement look and elevate the outfit. It adds weight, length, style, and volume to the basic chain. The pendant-like look of the rings looks flawless and goes with all casual and formal attires.


A ring on a chain also means safety. Yes, you may love cycling, swimming, cooking, and indulging in activities that require hands. But, unfortunately, these daily and special activities may make your ring slip away from your fingers. 

Losing a precious ring is worse than a nightmare. Therefore, adding a ring to a chain necklace and creating a new statement is very practical. It will minimize your chance of losing and let you fearlessly display your beloved ring. Many times, it's called a ring pendant meaning a necklace with a ring on it.

Sentimental Reasons

Sometimes a necklace with ring meaning lies in the sentiments it carries. For example, it is generally observed that certain inherited family rings are delicate and must be taken care of. So, wearing a ring on a chain necklace is a great step to protect it. 

Also, the engagement, proposal, and wedding rings are quite special, and no one wants to lose them in a lifetime. Moreover, some rings may not fit you anymore, and you don't want to adjust them due to some sentimental reasons. In all cases, adding it to a necklace is a great option.

Features of the ring in the necklace

14k Box Chain Necklace with Compass

14K Solid Gold Box Chain Necklace

After knowing the meaning of a ring necklace, you must learn some of its features. You can directly add a ring to any chain which suits its type. For small and minimalistic rings, choose simpler chains. While for large and embedded rings, you can go for heavy chains. You can also add it with a pendant like a compass to create layering. A simple knot or adding it directly will look effortlessly stylish.

Which rings hang on the necklace?

Almost all the rings can hang on the necklace. You can add a mother's ring or inherited family rings. Even special rings like weddings, proposals, and engagements look special. Apart from this, a ring you bought for yourself can also be added. Some people love to add rings with their birthstones to manifest their power. Make sure you match the ring and necklace style always to look stylish.