Which Type of Ring Metal Should You Choose?

Rings! A piece of jewelry both men and women can't get enough of. 

When it comes to choosing rings, you may wonder which metals to choose from. Ofcourse, the options are endless. Gold, silver, or platinum, you can go for any of them. 

But, the metal that you specifically choose for your ring will affect the presence of the gemstones attached to it. That's why you must choose metal rings wisely. 

Now, if you are wondering how to choose the ring metal for your jewelry? Then read through:

What are the Properties of Ring Metal?

Ring metals have different properties and benefits associated with them. That's why, before choosing the right ring metal for yourself, you must go through the metals for rings type listed below: 


Gold is a versatile, ductile, and malleable material that people wear during weddings, anniversaries, and engagements. It's less likely to tarnish or get affected by rust, so you can wear them without worrying about such conditions. 

The best thing about gold is its variety. Whether you want white gold or yellow ones, there are several options to choose from. You can select the karat as per how often you are going to use it. 

8.5 mm Pave Band Ring - Solid Gold

Pave Band Ring - Solid Gold

Remember, higher karats don't indicate durability. In fact, 10-karat golds are more durable than 24-karat ones. That's because it's mixed with other alloys like silver, copper, or platinum. 

So, if you are buying gold for gifting purposes or luxurious wear, rings with higher karat golds, like pave wedding band rings, are worth purchasing. Similarly, for daily wear, you should go for rings with less karat gold.


Silver is known for its irresistible luster and amazing malleability. It is white, soft, and very ductile, so you can wear the ring without any issues. 

Silver rings are often considered gorgeous and affordable. This means, despite the budget, you can buy your favorite design, and it wouldn't cost you a fortune. 

Many people say silver can be oxidized easily, which is true, but it can be instantly restored. The metal is ideal for both cocktail and right-hand rings. 

Make sure to perform some minor tests to check its authenticity. Silvers, for example, aren't magnetic. So, put a magnet on the ring surface and see whether it gets attached. If it does, it's likely that the silver ring is fake. 


Although a bit expensive, platinum makes a great white metal for rings. It is absolutely corrosion resistant, durable, and strong, so you can choose the metal for daily use rings. However, of their high cost, platinum rings are common as wedding and engagement rings. 

The best thing about platinum ring materials is that you can stay assured of 100% purity. It doesn't require any plating like white gold. Not just that, platinum, as a metal, can withstand both extreme hot and cold conditions. So the ring wouldn't lose its shiny appearance like other metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver ring consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, like nickel, copper, or zinc. For this reason, they are much stronger and more durable than pure silver.

925 Sterling Silver Compass Ring for Men

Compass Ring - Solid Silver

Sterling silver also makes the perfect option for creating gorgeous rings with handcrafted designs such as this outstanding compass ring. Sometimes these ring metal types are combined with pure silver to add that shiny and glazy touch to the surface. 

A plus point of wearing sterling silver rings is that they are hypoallergenic. They are naturally compatible with the human body, which makes them a must-have. 

We hope now you are aware of the type of ring metals for your use.