Men's Eagle Jewelry Collection


Atolyestone Exclusive Eagle Collection


The eagle... otherwise known as the King of Birds. That is the source of inspiration for our new collection. The eagle can be found in every area of society. Historically, it has been used in a vast number of coats of arms. In religion, the Moche people of ancient Peru worshiped the eagle, while the ancient Greeks believed that the eagle was the patron animal of Zeus. Yet the eagle has still preserved its handsome charm, finding itself a number of places in popular culture. Giving its name to an NFL team and a famous 70’s rock band.

Well now there is a new eagle in town, and that’s the Atolyestone Eagle Collection. Comprised of a complete set of luxurious necklaces, rings, beaded and leather bracelets for men, this collection has already become a hit with our fans. Between you and us, our choice is the Eagle Beaded Bracelet in Silver. Comprising of a solid silver eagle’s head and a choice of 11 natural stones, you will certainly find the right one for you, or a gift for your boyfriend/husband. From all of the options available though, we’d be lying if we said that we did not have a favourite. The Multi Sapphire Eagle Bracelet will be a beautiful eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. Especially with the warm season approaching, we believe that it can be worn with colourful and matte clothes alike.


Men's Exclusive Multi-Sapphire Eagle Beaded Bracelet - Silver

Well, we hear you ask, what made you choose the eagle as the symbol of your new collection? The answer is not just because of its importance in the world and history, but also because of what it represents. The eagle represents Bravery, Nobility, Wisdom and Royalty. We chose the eagle because we wanted to convey this message in our new collection and what better time than the beginning of spring to release our eagles into the wild? When the flowers are blossoming and the sun starts shining above us, this signifies a new beginning to the year for a lot of people. We wanted the eagle to bring you Bravery, Nobility, Wisdom and make you feel Royal during this important time of year. Spring is a new beginning, make yours a good one.

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