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It all started with a bracelet. Then came more styles. And then more and then more and then more….. Atolyestone was born from the idea that your watch should not be alone and that your wrists could use a classy companion. As men’s fashion kept reaching the next level and going forward, the idea of men wearing bracelets being seen as taboo was eroded. As pioneers in the men’s bracelet industry, we believe that we played a big role in this and we pride ourselves for it. Yet we realised that it was time we did things a bit different. In taking our brand even further, we have decided to extend our wings to new heights. This time into the realm of rings.
A ring can mean many things. To most it symbolises a commitment to another, it means love, compassion and often friendship. However one thing is true about rings, and that is that rings cannot simply be worn for their meaning. Rings have to be fashionable, they have to be classy, trendy and eye catching. This is what we had in mind when we created the Atolyestone Men’s Ring Collection.

Our ethos of Wear Your Character cannot fit this collection any better. Pieces that mean something to the wearer but also ones that come with an edge. Pieces that speak volumes about one’s character and suit their hand seamlessly. Each design was intricately imagined by master designers that are specialists in their area of expertise. A great level of work went into finishing this new collection and we hope you enjoy each and every piece of it.

So go ahead and check out our new rings collection. And don’t forget;

Wear Your Character

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