Instagram’s Biggest Men’s Fashion Icons

Atolyestone has gathered Instagram’s biggest men’s fashion icons.

The Atolyestone design team has chosen its top 5 Instagram users specialising in men’s fashion. In collating this list, we’ve searched far and wide for the most unique fashion styles and the best suited and well groomed of all. Here is the top 5 Instagram fashion icons for men that we sure are envious of:

5. Tufan Irfan @tufanir

This gentleman is widely regarded as an exemplary fashion icon on social media. With fans from all corners of the world, Tufan provides well suited combinations and the use of classy accessories to add to his dashing look. His biggest strength is his confidence yet we can’t help noticing that when he oversteps the mark he does remind us a bit of Jason Statham in the Transporter series. We do also believe that if he starts using the Story function of Instagram at a more acceptable amount, he will have an even higher quality page, more suited to his classy look.

Tufan İrfan - @tufanir

Melik Kam - @melikkam

4. Melik Kam @melikkam

As a newer addition to men’s fashion on Instagram, Melik has already found a unique voice for himself on the social media site, gathering a wide base of followers while doing so. Going with the famous mantra of “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it”, Melik seems to have found himself a place in men’s fashion on Instagram. In our opinion, Melik’s ability to combine luxury watches with his belt and jewellery is not as strong as the rest of his fashion sense, hence why he finds himself a spot at number 4.

3. Daniele Zaccone @danielre

Daniele has become the symbol of style and elegance in men’s fashion on Instagram. With a beautiful harmony of culture, style and personality, Daniele certainly finds himself a place in our top 5. The clever use of his ties and pocket squares in his successful combinations added to his careful selection of watches certainly creates an eye-catching look. Yet we would also love to see Daniel use some fashionable bracelets with his classy watches for an even more unique look. Another factor that pulls him back to number 3 is the lack of shoe accessories in his pictures on Instagram.

 Daniele Zaccone - @danielre

Meir Cohen - @meir1401

2. Meir Cohen @meir1401

The stylist of choice for those who are more after a vibrant look, Meir stands out with his fashion tips on the most classy bracelets, watches and accessories and which articles of clothing they match with best. We also can’t help but appreciate Meir’s choice of shoes in his combinations. Needless to say, however, it’s also important to see the way in which these styles are photographed and unfortunately Meir doesn’t make it to the top of our list due to the poor angle that is used in some of his pictures.

1. Mirko Salvetti @mirko1704

In our opinion, Mirko is Instagram’s best fashion icon for men. The young Italian has an unrivalled energy which is reflected onto his style and way of life. Mirko certainly enjoys life and he makes us a part of his classy adventures with his artistic pictures. His dress sense is exemplary and his choice of luxury watches always catches your attention. The way in which Mirko uses men’s accessories to combine with his articles of clothing shows us that despite his young age he sure knows what he is doing. We also want to point out here that we would also absolutely love to see him in some fashionable rings.

Mirko Salvetti - @mirko1704

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