A British Men's Jewelry Brand based in London

What does being British mean? This is a tough question with many answers, depending on who you ask. But to us, among other things, being British means complaining about the weather, being extremely polite to each other, queueing at every possible opportunity and believing that a cup of tea can solve any problem life throws at you. British contributions to the world are many. The telephone, the worldwide web, the television, stainless steel and the ATM are just a few of the many useful and necessary inventions we have in life today.

Summer is a time where the Brits attempt to benefit from every bit of scarce sunlight that successfully reaches its land by filling up parks and communal areas. Summer is also the time where we celebrate the Queen’s official birthday in June. Nevertheless, this summer is also a landmark for us at Atolyestone where we draped a multitude of the various iconically famous London Underground tube stations with our posters. We are extremely excited about this venture to bring Atolyestone to an even wider London audience, with 1.37 billion passengers on the tube annually. We believe that we have pioneered and forefronted the men’s accessories market over the past years. Especially with our mens beaded bracelets that have revolutionised the way men dress on a daily basis.

We are proud to be a British company, based in London. We are also proud that the majority of our bracelets are handmade in London, United Kingdom. And our aim is to one day become intertwined with British culture in such a genuine manner, that when someone is once again asked the question; what does being British mean? The answer should be;

It means wearing Atolyestone.

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