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What does sustainable jewelry mean? Find here the definition and a glossary of all terms around sustainable, ethical, fairtrade and recycled jewelry. 

Jewelry is more than just an adornment. Not only does it transform your look, but it also renders self-confidence and conviction. While it's prevalent to look for the quality of material and gemstones when buying jewelry, how often do you think about its creation process? Do you check its material source? Or how it's manufactured? Not really, right?

Due to this neglecting behavior of ours, we are being extensively exposed to poorly made jewelry. These use and throw adornments are not only a resource wastage but also toxic to health.

However, with eco-friendly approaches trending worldwide, even the jewelry industry has started adopting sustainable practices. That's why they introduced ethical and sustainable jewelry in the market. Brands started making ethical accessories while maintaining the same quality and outlook. Let's know about it more in detail.

What Does Sustainable Jewelry Mean

Sustainable jewelry and accessories are crafted by goldsmiths as an ethical practice. In this process, jewelry is made without destroying the economic, social, or environmental aspects. But, what does it actually mean? Here's a quick brief upon the same

Sustainable Jewelry Definition

Sustainable pieces of jewelry are made through sustainable approaches and materials. This jewelry does not have any negative impact on the environment. 

Besides, its manufacturing process involves providing fair wages to the workers. It also ensures that the working atmosphere is safe. In short, its production is initiated by keeping economic, environmental, and social sustainability in mind. 

Ethical Jewelry Definition

Ethical jewelry is traded by preventing any social, cultural, political, or environmental damage. From safe manufacturing practices to fair wages, every step is followed by keeping these factors in mind. Besides, the material used in its making is also not harmful.

Fair Trade Jewelry Definition

Fair trade jewelry is certified by FLO-Cert. For these jewelry types, the manufacturer is declared fair trade by a FINE (FLO, IFAT, NEWS!, and EFTA in combination) member as per fair trade standards. Here, the jewelry, along with its material, should be declared fair trade.

Recycled Jewelry Definition

Recycled jewelry, as the name signifies itself, is not sourced from mines. Instead, these materials are extracted from old jewelry for creating new ones. Usually, they are refined thoroughly for high-quality touch to the gold or silver surfaces. 

Gold, silver, and copper are commonly used materials for making recycled jewelry. That's because these materials are easily recycled without affecting the material quality.

Vegan Jewelry Definition

With the vegan lifestyle becoming popular lately, a lot of vegans look for products that are free from animal cruelty. As some animals are used for making jewelry too, vegan jewelry became a thing. These are jewelry created from entirely vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Apart from the materials, the tools and manufacturing process are also executed following the vegan prescriptive. From bee corpses to beeswax/honey, a lot of animal-oriented things are part of our daily jewelry. Hence, vegan jewelry is created by keeping those entities at bay.

Why Buying Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry Is Important?

Sustainable and ethical jewelry should be bought by every person for the main idea behind its manufacturing. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they maintain the same quality. The best thing about these jewelry types is that nothing is the same. Let's know some other reasons that make it worth a buy.

Made with Ethical Materials

Sustainable jewelry is made through ethical materials. They are derived from a good source that does not affect the environment. In short, this jewelry is made from a socially responsible origin. Be it the metals or gems; everything is created by keeping the sustainable approach in mind. This practice also preserves the natural resources on earth.

Offers Variety

As these jewelry are made from renewable resources, you will get endless options to select from. Besides, even the biggest name in the industry is introducing sustainable jewelry created with contemporary style. The outstanding designs and patterns make it a must-add to your unique jewelry collection.

Exposure to Artisans

Sustainable jewelry provides exposure to artisans who create these masterpieces. It also helps the economically backward professionals to get some limelight. All this makes you a part of making them financially empowered.

Easily Recyclable

As soon as this jewelry gets old-fashioned, you can recycle them. This makes you a contributor to the betterment of the environment. It also helps in lessening any wastage of raw materials. Overall, it makes you adapt to sustainable development.

Our Sustainable Jewelry Pieces

We have always welcomed the approach of sustainability in our organization, and that's why we implemented the last two years for its curation. All our products now are made in an eco-friendly manner. By this means, we are trying to put a lighter footprint on the planet. Let's take a look at a few of our sustainable jewelry pieces.

Sustainable Solid Gold Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces

With gold being a common jewelry material, we have ensured both our gold types are sustainable. Be it rose, or white gold, each of these types is a popular pick. We have used these environment-friendly materials to make bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Sustainable Rose Gold Jewelry

The light color and subtle feel of this gold type have recently become a favorite among buyers. Besides, the touch of sustainability renders an extra nudge of perfection.

Rope Chain Rose Gold Bracelet

Made with 14K rose gold, this rope chain bracelet can be a shimmery addition to a jewelry collection. The chain width is around 4.30 mm with a lobster clasp for efficient fastening. It holds a modern design and is created through the best workmanship.

Rope Chain Rose Gold Bracelet

Rope Chain Rose Gold Bracelet

Minimalist Rose Gold Ring

Combined with both pave cubic zirconia, this minimalist rose gold ring has elegance and fashion in one place. It is about 5.5 mm wide with a handset 0.62-carat diamond-paved within the same size. The combination of black with rose color is just breathtakingly beautiful. 

Minimalist Rose Gold Ring

Minimalist Rose Gold Ring 

Box Chain in Rose Gold

Wear it with or without any pendant; this box chain in rose gold is the clear definition of a timeless classic. The material is made with 14K gold and is available in 55, 65, and 75 cm sizes. Besides, it's about 2.5 mm in width. Overall, you can wear it casually or smartly! That's your call.

Box Chain in Rose Gold

Box Chain Rose Gold 

Sustainable White Gold Jewelry

Besides rose gold, materials like white gold have been in trend too. The attractive shine of the gold material is enough to turn some eyes on you.

White Gold Necklace Chain

This 14K white gold necklace chain is a sheer example of simplicity and beauty in one place. It is available in different sizes ranging from 55 cm to 75 cm with a width of around 2.5 mm. The necklace makes a perfect pick for any special day.

White Gold Necklace Chain

White Gold Necklace Chain

White Gold Streamline Cuff 

Speaking of white gold jewelry, how can anyone possibly resist this bold streamline cuff in white gold? The sporadic paved blue sapphire all over the surface makes it an alluring pick for self. It is about 11mm wide. You can choose from other paved materials like white diamonds, ruby, emerald, black, or CZ diamonds.

White Gold Streamline Cuff

White Gold Streamline Cuff

Chain Ring White Gold

This chain ring in white gold which is embroidered with our signature Atolyestone logo is an elegant pick for your better half. The 8-12 mm width with options of 10K, 14K, and 18K gold material can be worn daily or on special occasions. The high-quality, sustainable material of the ring enhances its modesty and makes it more sophisticated.

Chain Ring White Gold

Chain Ring White Gold

Sustainable Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces

After gold, the next choice for must is silver. Hence, we source high-quality sterling silver materials to make necklaces, chains, and bracelets. Here's a glimpse of the same

Sustainable Silver Bracelets

You can never go wrong with silver. Besides, when our eco-friendly touch to them makes it more of a must-buy.

Arrow Cuff Silver Bracelet

Created genuinely with sharp lines and mystical patterns, this arrow cuff silver bracelet is elegant and stylish in one place. The braided designs on the bracelet render a conventional touch to the bracelet. Besides, the cubic zirconia diamond arrows at the edge add a contemporary look. The 925 sterling silver cuffs are 3 mm in width, along with ergonomic patterns on the surface.

Arrow Cuff Silver Bracelet

Arrow Cuff Silver Bracelet

Sustainable Silver Necklaces and Chains

Apart from bracelets, silver necklaces and chains are just as renowned. The shine of silver on the neck adds a bling to the entire outlook. Here's what we are talking about

Rope Necklace Chain in Silver

The rope chain in silver is crafted with the finest workmen for a shimmery touch to your attire. It is about 2.40 mm in width and lengths ranging from 55 to 75 cm. The lobster clasps at the end ensure that your chain is fastened precisely. This beautiful 925 sterling rope chain is crafted to hold the charms within it.

Rope Chain Necklace

Rope Necklace Chain in Silver

Our Ethical, Fair Trade Jewelry Pieces

Our jewelry pieces are ethically sourced and trackable. Through our products, we try to maintain transparency, sustainability, and accountability. 

We aim to get metals from recycled sources and small-scale mining. In our ethical and fair trade jewelry pieces, we have used 100% natural and hand-picked gemstones. Here's a peek at our collection.

Ethical and Fair Trade Gemstone Jewelry Pieces

Our organization creates jewelry from high-quality material for better durability. We ensure that the jewelry is made while following proper ethical and fair trade approaches. That's why our ethical and fair trade gemstone jewelry pieces are a must-have.

Sustainable Opal Jewelry

Women's Zenith Eagle Charm Beaded Bracelet

This women's zenith eagle charm beaded bracelet crafted with white opal natural stone looks both bold and aesthetic at the same time. It is made 100% handmade with other options for natural stone. The 925 solid sterling silver with the eagle engraved charm symbolizes both strength and courage. 

Women's Zenith Eagle Charm Beaded Bracelet

Women's Zenith Eagle Charm Beaded Bracelet


Fair Trade Turquoise Jewelry

Premium Minimalist Beaded Bracelets

The blend of turquoise color natural stones with 4mm 925 sterling silver gold plated balls makes this premium minimalist beaded bracelet a mandatory addition to your jewel collection. The natural stones, that you see, are 4 mm AAA grade natural agate stones. It renders a smooth yet glossy outlook to the bracelet. Also, the combination of blue and silver is pretty stylish!

You can get in different sizes ranging from small to large. The best thing about this unique bracelet is that it is 100% handcrafted.

Premium Minimalist Beaded Bracelets

Premium Minimalist Beaded Bracelets

Wrapping Up

So that was all about sustainable and ethical jewelry. With this jewelry, you will be keeping both you and the nearby surroundings adequately embellished. From rings to necklaces, sustainable practices are quite common for all sorts of adornment. As these environmentally-friendly jewelry are being used by all, what do you think about it?