The Psychological Effect of Colour In Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry has a direct effect on your mental characteristics or attitude. The colour of the gemstone mirrors your personality and psyche. They have a definite meaning with influential effects on your life.

While warm shades signify love, happiness, and passion, cool colours are linked to calmness and indifference. However, we all have unique responses to colour shades.

Besides emotions, colours also depict symbolism in multiple contexts. Long back, specific colours were worn by people for special ceremonies. While the era is gone, the psychological effect of colour in wearable remains intact.

The Meaning Of Colours In Psychology

Colour psychology means knowing colours as per human behavior. It signifies the role of colour in your decisions. Different shades have different meanings and roles.


Blue is often considered the colour of men. Besides the male population, it is quite a favorite among other people too. It mirrors a subtle and conventional personality. The colour also signifies peace and composure.

It depicts reliability, and that's why it's a popular shade in marketing. It is also said to enhance productivity when included in an office environment. It keeps both pulse rate and body temperature at a standard range.

As the colour also implies confidence and security, you can rely on the colour for making the right decisions. It also has a relaxing effect on physical and mental health.


Red speaks loud of strong emotions. It is the warmest and indifferent of all the shades. The best thing about colour psychology red is that it confers distinct sensations, including passion, power, action, and anger. It is, indeed, a colour of effort, determination, and goal. The colour generates dominant energy that stimulates emotions and provides the motivation to take action.

People who are reserved and shy can benefit from the colour. That's because it provides confidence and helps such individuals to come out of the introverted zone. In the love life, it excites intimacy and incorporates more passion in sex.


Yellow portrays knowledge, mind, and intellect. It spurs mental abilities and produces mental perception and agility. Its light shade gives an uplifting and hopeful emotion while also offering happiness, fun, and optimism. Yellow helps to come up with original thoughts and think rationally. It's a colour of practicality rather than a thinker or dreamer.

It has the best in all the world. While it makes the perfect colour for journalism and communication for its diplomatic vibes, one cannot forget its entertaining or comic side. It's not a shade of quick decisions; instead, it's about making the right decisions.


Purple is the shade of spirituality and imagination. It helps us to connect with our internal thoughts. A similar shade to purple is violet. While purple is produced after mixing red and blue, violet is a part of the rainbow colours.

It may not be as intense as purple; however, the vibes are alike. Both the shades combine the sincerity of blue and the energy of red.

They manifest the future, dreams, and imagination. Violet connects us to fantasy, and it's a shade for daydreamers. Both the colours support meditation.


Turquoise is produced by combining both blue and green. That's why it has the tranquil attributes of both shades. While blue means tranquility and calmness, green signifies balance and growth. 

Turquoise depicts open communication and thought clarity. It's a gateway to communication lines between the words and heart. The shades give an instant joyous or happy vibe with an urge to enjoy life.

It also keeps emotions like mental stress, tiredness, and loneliness at bay. Thus, it's worth keeping it nearby for recharging spirits. It also initiates clear thinking, decision-making while increasing both sensitivity and creativity.

How To Choose The Right Colour In Your Jewelry Piece

To choose the right colour for your jewelry piece, you should know the meaning of each shade. The most common jewelry colours include yellow, red, blue, silver, green, and purple.

Jewelry Colour For Therapy

Colour has the potential to change moods and attract attention. It can awaken distinct emotions that include happiness, excitement, and tranquility.

Some jewelry colours work as therapy for the wearer. The right shades can initiate positive thoughts while enhancing cognitive abilities and behavior.

Colour psychology was considered therapy during ancient times. It was called chromotherapy, or the use of colours for healing. Here's a brief on a few shades and their role as therapy

  • Red: Encourages body and mind stimulation for better circulation
  • Orange: Helps to increase energy and make the lungs strong
  • Yellow: Purifies the body and stimulates nerve
  • Blue: Treats pain and eliminates illnesses
  • Indigo: Reduces skin problems

In jewelry, colours are included through gemstones and metal. The colour of these entities holds meaning and has some effect on the wearer.

Silver, for instance, is a commonly worn metal by both women and men. It's a symbol of respect, responsibility, dignity, patience, and more.

It plays a role in eliminating hurdles and clearing the paths for the wearer. It increases intuitive abilities and maintains feminine energy. The Artillery silver bangle above is a clear example of its properties.

Just like silver for metals, there are numerous other colour palettes that affect both body and mind.

Most Common Jewelry Colour Palette

The Colour Red In Jewelry

Red jewelry signifies power, strength, imagination, and self-awareness. It encourages a daring attitude to the wearer. Besides, the shade helps in better blood circulation throughout the body. It benefits nerves or vessels and keeps the heart's health intact.

Red jewelry also represents passion, power, and energy. That's why it's worth wearing for athletes or those who want to indulge in some competition.

It keeps the motivation intact and maintains the same passion. Some of its benefits include

  • Helps to overcome obstacles
  • Improves physical and mental health. Red coral is considered a positive mental health stone by astrologers.
  • Overcomes characters flaws

Common Red Stones: Red Tiger Eye

Example: Men's Streamline Triple Beaded Bracelet

Men's Streamline Triple Beaded Bracelet

The Colour Blue In Jewelry

Wearing blue jewelry will provide confidence in leadership abilities and enhance your convincing potential. It awakens creativity and helps to come up with clear thoughts. The colour increases the levels of intellect while awakening your inner peace and spirituality. Blue gemstones also have astrological benefits.

  • It generates success in jobs and business while improving the financial condition.
  • It boosts health, immunity and improves sleep.
  • The colour attracts popularity, improves work ethics, and helps with detoxification.

Common Blue Stones: African Blue Opal - AAA Grade natural stones

Example: African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet

African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet

The Colour Green In Jewelry

Green jewelry may attract prosperity as its meaning in feng shui depicts money and health. It is often called a balanced shade of energy, happiness, growth, spirituality, and more. The colour limits negativity while including harmony, luck, and peace.

Green gemstones depict nature and are often called the colour of life. It balances the emotions and heart while connecting the heart to the mind.

It has mind-balancing potency that provides you relief from both restlessness and listlessness. Wearing green jewelry can also

  • Rejuvenate and restore your energy
  • Treat conditions like heart troubles, blood pressure, and headaches. It has a relaxing effect on both muscles and nerves.
  • Promote good luck and protect you from harm. It also provides support at the start of something new.

Common Green Gemstones: Green Garnet

Example:  Green Garnet Double Beaded Bracelet

Green Garnet Double Beaded Bracelet

The Colour Yellow In Jewelry

Yellow jewelry is one of the major sources of energy. It is a shade of optimism, happiness, and joy. If you have been looking to start afresh, then yellow jewelry is the right way to do so.

The colour is known for increasing memory and concentration. Thus, it makes a great wearable for a profession that requires such traits.

Yellow is a colour that instantly makes the other person smile. As it initiates happiness, you may turn a ray of delight for both others and yourself.

You must have seen that the smiling emojis are often depicted by the colour yellow. That's because it's a shade of delight.

Yellow jewelry gives the courage to step out of the comfort zone and take risks. It increases self-confidence, awareness, and morale.

The most prevalent of all yellow metals i.e., gold, is filled with multiple positive effects. It's a sign of success and achievement. It has an illuminating and restorative property.

Gold has connections with both sunlight and fire; thus, it prevents separation and maintains the connection. The metal keeps you strong and powerful. Besides, yellow gemstones promote

  • Creativity, clear thinking, and quick decision making
  • Spirit-uplifting properties and enthusiasm
  • New ideas and thoughts

Common Yellow Stones: Gold

Example: Atolyestone Elements - Solid Yellow Gold

Atolyestone Elements - Solid Yellow Gold

The Colour Purple In Jewelry

Purple jewelry is a symbol of power and royalty. It looks attractive and provides a regal touch to your appearance.

The shade has soothing and spiritual effects. By wearing purple jewelry, you may witness a balanced energy flow throughout the body.

It also intensifies the psychic ability and maintains stability. If you wear a purple gemstone, you are likely to feel more relaxed. So, it's worth a try for people with a not-so-tranquil attitude. Purple jewelry also

  • Brings courage, strength, and peace to the wearer
  • Promotes healing and releases creativity
  • Brings spiritual insight and good fortune

Common Purple Gemstones: Purple Fluorite

Example: Purple Fluorite Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Purple Fluorite Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Bracelet Colour Wheel & Their Meanings

A colour wheel is a tool that is used by all designers. They also make the perfect tool for colour blocking your jewelry, like bracelets. In a brace colour wheel, contemporary colours are present opposite to each other.

If you are looking to add contrast to your bracelets, colour wheels can help you pick synonyms shades. It may come up with bold or subtle combinations like green/red or yellow/purple. Some common colour scheme concepts include

Analogous colours:

Select more than three nearby colours on the colour wheel.

Complementary colours:

Select the colours that lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel.

Triadic colours:

Triadic colours are perfect for schemes with high contrast. Select three colours spaced evenly on the colour wheel.

Monochromatic colours:

Select shades of the same colour family/hue on the colour wheel.

A bracelet colour wheel may include different colours. Each of them has its own meaning.

  • Red: colour of passion, adventure, and good fortune
  • Orange: colour of joy, happiness, and delight
  • Yellow: colour of positivity, creativity, and friendliness
  • Green: colour of compassion, hope, and mother nature
  • Blue: colour of peace, tranquility, loyalty, and motivation
  • Pink: colour of love and affection
  • Purple: colour of luxury and friendship
  • Black: colour of power, strength, and confidence
  • White: colour of truth and clarity
  • Brown: colour of reliability and comfort

To Conclude

Your jewelry colour speaks a lot about you and your personality! It has psychological effects on your mind, soul, and body.

While bold colours like red signify power and confidence, serene shades like blue are about tranquility. Based on these shades, choose the colour of jewelry that suits your persona.