2024's Men's Necklace and Pendant Trends

Men's necklaces and pendants are becoming favorite pieces of jewelry among modern men. Necklaces allow the wearer to reflect their unique personality, and can even bear a sentimental meaning. 

Regardless of the purpose, there are countless options when choosing men’s jewelry. There are thousands of styles, types, metal colors, and sizes to choose from. All of these are very important considerations when you want an adorable piece of jewelry that perfectly showcases your masculine personality. 

So, we have compiled this guide about how to buy men’s necklaces and pendants. You will also learn about the latest men’s jewelry trends. 

With a whole new collection of men’s necklaces by Atolyestone, men have the chance to shine with class. Let’s check out different types of men’s necklaces that have hit the trend.

Styles of Men’s Necklaces

2024 is the year of change. It is a year that embraces lots of experiments to stay active in the fashion game. And with such a unique trend where a manly collection of necklaces are crafted, this year has a lot to offer, including trendy necklaces 2024.

Men’s necklace jewelry can see some solid abstract patterns with a touch of natural shine this year. A fine intricate design with soft-textured elements can have a comeback to steal the jewelry show.

Let’s walk through some styles of men’s necklaces that have quite uniquely set up their status.

Dog Tag Necklaces

A dog tag necklace is a basic military necklace with an oval or curvy-edged tab that takes in your name. The original use of this type of men’s necklaces was to reserve an identity of the person in the tab. So, this is one of the most popular necklaces 2024 for men.

In today’s era where fashion is filled up to the brim, these dog tag necklaces replace the text with pictures or stylish quotes to match the personality of the person wearing it. Paired with a ball chain, dog tags are a symbol of identity and uniquely personify the demeanor.

While the basic dog tags were earlier infused with personal identification details, nowadays men prefer to add a decorative element to it in artistic ways. Even the ball chain may sometimes be replaced with a flashy diamond-studded chain to give it a distinctive element.

Dog tag necklaces are a fond preference for men since they can customize it according to their personal taste. Men with religious thoughts can choose to engrave a bible verse on the dog tag or may consider opting for a dog tag necklace with a shining cross in it. 

These unique men’s necklace pendant options make it a perfect choice for a gift item. You can not only customize it but even add a surprise element with a personal dog tag design. So, this is the best necklace for men. 

Men's Pave Tag Necklace

Atolyestone's Dog Tag Necklaces

Nautical Necklaces

Nautical men’s necklaces are a great preference for staying up in the fashion trend. The intricate and classic anchor and rope design highlights the personality and are perfect for a casual or vacation look. 

Nautical necklaces have a variety of designs to offer. Ranging from a silver sterling anchor and rope design to a solid compass pendant on a ball chain, you have all the reasons to stay nice and nautical. 

When it comes to being nautical, men can choose a sterling silver small compass or an antique small ship with ropes and anchors. These unique designs are classic and elegant packed with a touch of luxury.

In addition to the sterling silver ball chains and pendants, the men's necklace has a shiny option to hold onto. Gold is in your mind and we have it in our checklist. A 14k gold compass necklace is crafted for special occasions when you can just go out there and flaunt it. If gold is too traditional and flashy, you can choose soft rose gold and white gold anchor infinity necklace to own a subtle look.Nautical necklace options may even include a hint of diamonds with blue stone, and if that suits you well, choose it and shine ahead!

Men's Gold Compass Necklace


 Animal Motif Necklaces

Men don’t enjoy soft and delicate designs; instead they go for a rough and sturdy look that matches their confidence. And what’s better than an animal motif necklace that boosts your personality and adds an elegant element to it.

Animal lovers can shower their love through these animal motif necklaces and wear them in style. Nowadays, many brands offer animal-inspired pendant designs to pair it with sleek sterling silver ball chains.

A black diamond studded Lion pendant boasts a powerful look packed with elegance. Ranging from a virtuous vulture to a determined shining owl, best necklaces for men crafted with animal motifs have quite a variety of designs for their customers.

In addition to this, there are roaring lions and wandering wolves designed to shine bright as a gold pendant for special occasions. Men usually prefer styling themselves with an American Eagle gold necklace. An Eagle claw necklace is one of the most popular designs to trend in the year 2024. It proves to be a style statement among men to wear it with pride. 

Men's Eagle Claws Necklace

Men's Eagle Claws Necklaces

Animal motif designs are also used in various campaigns as a statement of awareness. So it’s not just style but for a social cause as well!

Heishi Beaded Necklace

Men's Heishi Beads Necklace - Atolyestone

Heishi Beaded Necklace

Men’s beaded necklaces are becoming popular as they carry a classic and unique style for manly personalities. These can easily give a stylish and sophisticated look to the man of any taste.

And fortunately, there are hundreds of styles for men’s beaded necklaces. For example, you can try Atolyestone’s Heishi Beaded necklace, which reflects pure elegance. Each bead in this hand-crafted bracelet exudes masculinity and opulence needed to craft a unique style statement. 

Religious Pendant Motives

When it comes to following a religious design trend, necklaces are in huge demand. Be it for men or women, religious motif pendants are famous among the crowd. It fills them with a conception of a strong power that is omnipresent. Known to create an optimistic aura, these pendants have always been on the top of the trend.

Some best men's necklaces are tied to religious beliefs while others may be designed to keep the stylish cross design alive. The men’s necklace pendant designs may include Christian crosses or Stars of David offering a simple and serene look.  

925 Sterling Silver Carved Cross Necklace for Men

Cross Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

These pendants are tied with either a sterling silver ball chain or a sleek solid gold chain. Men tend to wear these pendants under their shirts or choose the chain that is long enough to fall below the neckline. You can also pair it with a gold cross chain for guys.

Another piece of jewelry in this style is Atolyestone’s St. Christopher Pendant in silver. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, this religious necklace will let St Christopher protect you where you go.

Men's Saint Christopher Protector Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

Saint Christopher Pendant in Silver

The religious motif pendants are expected to have a subtle look with a touch of simplicity. Ranging from best men's chains with simple look to a shiny diamond studded cross, religious motive pendants have their unique style to offer!

The Era of Chain Layering

2024 is the year of chain layering for men. Numerous famous names have layered their chains and necklaces in red carpets, shows, and even award functions. Not only does it add a high-class touch to the outfit, but it also speaks a lot about your personality.

The blend of silver, gold, or even beads looks promising in combination! However, while styling or layering the chain, it's important to keep the size in mind. The jewelry amalgam should have a stratified structure. Also, do not settle for the same thickness. Instead, experiment with both broad and thin chains for that exclusive outlook.

The quality and the texture of the mens fashion necklace should be extremely appealing. Make sure to give extra time when buying the chains for layering. If you are clueless about the necklace type, check out these ideas for silver necklace layering:

Box Necklace Chain

For a chic and elegant styling, you can try this 925 sterling silver box necklace chainThe attractive and sleek surface of the chains blends well with all outfits. So be it smart-casuals or just casuals, it's worth adding this chain as the base of your necklace layering. You can wear it either with charms/pendants or without them. 

The necklace comes in multiple sizes like 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. Likewise, the width of the chain ranges around 2.5mm. If you are not into silver, no problem! You can get the chain in white gold plating color too.

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace

Box Necklace Chain

Atolyestone’s Minimalist Box Chain Necklace is another timeless classic piece with an elegant modest touch. You can pair it with any pendant and layer with other chains. It goes well with both casual and smart-casual outfits.

14K Real Gold Box Chain Necklace - Atolyestone

Minimalist Box Chain Necklace in Gold

Cuban Links Necklace Chain in Silver

Another chain that can work both as a base or a layer is this Cuban links silver necklace chain. It's perfect for those who want a blend of silver with an exclusive necklace design. The best way to wear this necklace is by adding a charm.

You can relish multiple length options like 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm for size. The chain comes in 2.75 mm and 1.15 mm thickness, which is perfect for layering. It also has a lobster clasp for easy securing. 

Men's Cuban Links Necklace Chain in Sterling Silver

Cuban Links Necklace Chain in Silver

Best Occasions to Wear Men’s Necklace

While women have a designated jewelry for every occasion, ranging from formal meetings to a festival, men have limited options when it comes to occasional jewelry. But it is 2024 and jewelry designs have seen a plethora of innovation. When we talk about a men’s trending necklace, there are various occasions to wear them in style. 

For a party, men can choose a layered necklace with sterling silver ball chains. It will give them a trendy look and make them a style icon. In addition to this, if someone is looking for a semi-formal look, they can style it with a thick solid oxidized chain which adds a touch of shine to their look. 

When it comes to festivities, men have a plethora of options to choose from. Ranging from solid gold sleek chains to white and rose gold chains with a small pendant is perfect for a traditional look.

For a casual look, men can either opt for a dog tag necklace or animal motifs pendants or pair it with a sterling silver chain. This men necklace charms and gives a cool look with a touch of classic elements.

Eagle Charm Necklaces for Mens

Eagle Charm Necklaces

Men’s Gold Chain Length Guide

The length of the chain speaks a lot about the dressing sense. There are various style statements and combinations of necklaces with the shirt that you choose to wear.

  1. A short or choker necklace goes well with almost every outfit that doesn’t hide your neck much. They look stunning above a low collar and advised not to wear underneath the shirt.
  2. A mid-length men’s necklace is perfect that fits till the base of your neck. If you leave the collar button open, some of the links of the necklace will be visible, settling for a clean and subtle look.
  3. A long chain with a cross pendant falls below your neckline. They can be worn with an opened button shirt if you want to show off your pendant.

Celebrities Spotted With Stylish Necklaces

It becomes a style statement when you see your favorite celebrity setting the trend. People tend to follow their style icon and that’s how trends are born. We have seen some celebrities wearing unique necklaces which are worth a mention.

Recently, Brad Pitt was spotted flaunting a sleek layered gold chain which he paired well with white casual blazer and V-neck shirt. Another style icon who was spotted was Kanye West with his super flashy and long thick gold chains complemented with a white t-shirt and yellow chinos. 

And, famous rapper Machine Gun Kelly pairs rings and bracelets with unique mens necklaces to reflect his rebellious attitude, making men chain styles popular.


A beautiful and meaningful necklace as a men’s accessory is not a piece of jewelry that can be worn daily or with every outfit. For every occasion, men’s necklaces have been defined with a touch of subtleness and simplicity. 

You can experiment with various necklace designs to be a style icon in this fast-paced fashion industry.