2022 Men’s Luxury Jewelry Trends to Make You a Style Maestro

As the world reopens, people are emerging from isolation, shedding their loungewear and donning masks. With masks on the face and almost similar attire, how would you - a man with love for fashion - look different from thousands of other men you come across while walking on the road? 

You might have a strong identity but let’s face it when someone looks at you, your appearance creates an impression in their mind; even before you speak. Thankfully, you can stand out from the crowd by adding a distinctive element to your look with the help of men’s jewelry in 2022.

The moment you say ‘men’s jewelry’, it’s not unusual to see raised eyebrows in the first place.  It gives you a bigger reason to add more accessories to your overall look. After all, you don’t need to put in much effort to look good. Just a few seconds and you transform a monotonous look into a bright one, that too, all by yourself!And, jewelry designers are highly influenced by the hard time the world faced in the past year. Now, you’ll notice the newest trends such as designs with animal motifs,  personalized jewelry, minimalist bracelets, to name a few.

Understanding the pain of the time and effort involved, we will simplify the ordeal for you. Check below the newest trends in men’s jewelry in 2022 to help you ace the modish look with ease.


 Latest Trends in Men’s Jewelry in 2022

Churning out new ideas can be a task in itself. If you want to stay ahead in the fashion game and ensure that you look nothing short of your best version, read these trends carefully.

1.Intricate Designing Details will Rule the Roost in 2022

Accessories with manly motifs, such as this statement eagle leather silver bracelet, have been around for a while. 

 Customizable Eagle Leather Bracelet with Letters

Customizable Eagle Leather Bracelet with Letters

However, 2022 will be a year of intricate detailing and softer patterns. Abstract patterns and elements from nature will get etched in men’s jewelry, such as this solid gold claw necklace

Claw Necklace Pendant in Solid Gold

Claw Necklace Pendant in Solid Gold


In addition to exhibiting your eye for detail, it will help in bringing out your artistic flair.

We simply love the way Leonardo Picon, a supermodel, GQ men of the year, MTV host and one of our most favorite customers gives an all-new life to our accessories.

 Leonardo Picon wearing Braided Leo Cuff  Bracelet

Leonardo Picon wearing our Braided Leo Cuff  Bracelet

Styling Tip- If you want to try this amazing trend without going a little too overboard, you can opt for a monochrome band ring with an abstract design that will steal the appreciation of the onlookers. Atolyestone’s amazing Classic Band Ring will make you fall for!

 2.Statement Neckpieces with Layered Outfit will be the New Oomph

You might love accessories. However, at times it can be difficult to look for an outfit to combine them with. Despite owning a stellar statement piece, you might think this necklace will not look good when I wear it with a layered outfit. However, obsessing too much about creating a perfect look can be the difference between looking effortlessly stylish and looking unsure.

Just combine our Rudder Necklace with layers of clothes, say a t-shirt and shirt and you’ll be all set to ace it like a pro.

Rudder Necklace Pendant in Solid Silver

Rudder Necklace Pendant in Solid Silver

In 2022, this will be the easiest jewelry idea for you to follow. When it comes to styling casual attire with stellar accessories to create a playful look, Ryan Gosling is the hands-down winner. The way he experiments with his necklaces is something to bookmark in your style guide. If you feel inspired by the celebrity, you may love to try out this silver tiger pendant

 Tiger Pendant in Silver

Tiger Pendant in Silver

This solid gold compass necklace may be your choice if you want to pour out coastal vibes through your personality. 

Compass Necklace in Gold

Compass Necklace in Gold

Fashion weeks and red carpets are other sources of inspiration in this regard. Nobody remembers the ordinary conventional look you are vying for. If you want to steal the show, you need to add the element of uniqueness. Create a lasting impression in the mind of the onlookers by clubbing stylish accessories, such as this statement anchor leather bracelet, with casual clothes.

Customizable Anchor Leather Bracelet with Letters

Anchor Leather Bracelet with Letters

3.Colors will Play a More Significant Role in Men’s Jewelry

As a child, we categorized some colors ‘manly’ and called some other- ‘girly’. In 2022, this stereotype we became young  will take a back seat. Men’s accessories will include ‘unconventional’ colors to create a modish look. Whether it is colored detailing or the outer body of the accessory, the spectrum will evolve to include more colors.

For instance, rose gold which has been a major hit in women’s accessories lately, will be a new trend in men’s accessories. Similarly, the color palate will expand to give more choices to men who are bold and love to experiment.

Styling Tip- If you do not want to opt for an all-rose gold accessory, you can combine it with a solid color to win praises. You can opt for Atolyestone’s  Premium Leo Bundle in Rose Gold bracelet that combines playfulness and sophistication like no other!

Premium Leo Bundle in Rose GoldAtolyestone Premium Leo Bundle in Rose Gold

 4.The Interplay of Gemstone will become the Foundation of Men’s Jewelry

We often associate bling with women. In fact, most of us don’t think about it without saying a big ‘NO’ in our mind. Men weren’t always reluctant to bling and embellishments. The culture traces back to ancient Egyptians who ‘studded’ their protective shields and necklaces featuring gemstones to bring good luck. This could be something like this classic cushion pave silver ring or a classic chain ring. 

Classic Cushion pave ring

Classic Silver Cushion Pave Ring

Gem-laden jewelry stretching to the shoulders was also adorned by the eminent men in the Renaissance- the age of reason.

Embellishments were a distinctive feature of men’s brooches and earrings in the couture week in Paris and are all set to take 2022 by storm.  A little bling to your accessories can elevate the look to an all-new level. It not only adds a spark to your appearance but also displays your ability to ace that all-balanced look.

Ace your style game in 2022 by combining the use of threads, statement motifs, gold ,beads or black diamonds. Raise the bar with our limited edition Twined Anchor Bangle that is a fine specimen of everything stylish.  Besides creating a unique look with every new outfit you pair them with, vibrant men accessories in 2022 will help you bring out your bold selves.

Men's Anchor Bangle Bracelet - Solid Yellow GoldTwined Anchor Bangle -Solid gold anchor bangle paved with black diamond

 5.Personality-Driven Men’s Accessories will be the New Hit

Whether you should keep it bold or sophisticated? If bold then how bold should go . After all, you don’t want to look over the top at any juncture. Looking from the lens of men’s jewelry, 2022 will be a year of drastic change. It will bring a wave of fashion that will take away all the stereotypes to bring a sea of experimental jewelry and personalized jewelry.

Custommade Jewelry

For men who love to accessorize without paying the slightest heed to get judged, 2022 would be a golden year. The narrow lane of typically manly motifs will expand to include more casual motifs and patterns. Whether you like to keep it the same throughout with the help of beaded accessories or create a minimalistic statement, do what resonates with your overall personality.

  Natural Stone Triple Beaded Bracelet

Natural Stone Triple Beaded Bracelet

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self- confidence is preparation.”

                                                                                                                          Arthur Ashe

Grand Slam Winner


Styling Tip- There is a direct correlation between how you look and how you feel. If you know you are looking good, your confidence significantly boosts. It is worth all your time to put extra care into how you look in 2022. Atolyestone’s Eagle Charm Necklace is a perfect companion for days when you need an extra dose of positive energy and confidence.Discover our designer necklaces

Men's Eagle Charm Necklace in Silver

In fact, the days when you don’t feel like getting ready are the days when you need it the most. Combine a quirky statement piece with one of the outfits you love the most.

Whether you like to wear accessories once in a blue moon or every other day, these jewelry trends for men in 2022 will help you to feel and look good. Even if you fancy them but haven’t gathered the strength to try them, make 2022 the year that will take your style quotient to the next level.

6.Embrace The Bracelet 

2022 is the year of bracelets for men, and you know it. For that subtle yet powerful touch, something like Atolyestone iconic leather bracelet is enough to render a style statement in your look. The premium Nappa leather bracelet along with 925 sterling silver is oh-so-classy! Also, the pavement of cubic zirconia gives that bling to the wearable. You can further customize it with other stones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, or Diamonds (both white and black). The leather thickness is adequate (around 4.5 mm) to team up with trendy outfits.

Iconic Leather Bracelet Wowen in Silver - Atolyestone

67Glam Up with Rings! 

Rings have been in fashion for men for decades, and 2022 is no exception. This year unique motifs of the rings are more trendy than the plain ones. Something like this Streamline gold band ring is the perfect example! The beautiful gold color, along with the cubic zirconia, can turn those heads at parties. The width of the ring is 9 mm, which is pretty decent to make the style statement. You can also experiment a bit and choose some other paved material like ruby, emerald, sapphire, or black/white diamond. 

 If you do not like the pavement extravaganza, simply go for something like a 925 sterling silver chain ring. The attractive chain-like designs on the ring can dazzle your outfit. It has a width of around 9 mm, and the weight is variable (between 12-16 gr as per ring size)

Chain Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone


Jewelry is a form of self-expression, a way to stand out from the crowd. Now that we have updated you with men’s jewelry trends in 2022, it will be easier for you to make wise choices in your next accessories buying spree! Keep these men’s jewelry trends in mind for 2022 and mix and match them in your distinct way to be your most confident self. After all, why spend your money when you can use it productively to look like a fashionista?

Summing it up, 2022 will be a year of breaking gender stereotypes. If you have apprehensions that a specific color will give you a feminine look, remember that 2022 will be all about breaking the boundaries. By following these trends and smart styling ideas, you can easily look like a fashionista when men around you are facing a difficult time styling their jewelry in newer ways.

Browse the stunning range of men’s accessories at Atolyestone to choose from an array of stylish options that will make you look like a style maestro in 2022. The best part is our accessories combine the best of quality and comfort to help you ace the winning duo of style and comfort. Browse our mesmerizing collection to treat your eyes to a whole new world of modish jewelry.