The Most Fashionable Beaded Bracelet Types For Men

Trendy Beaded Bracelets For Men

If one style of men’s jewelry that will always stay in trend, it’s the beaded bracelet. Men’s beaded bracelets are extremely popular for different reasons. This statement-making piece of jewelry not just looks fashionable but is also easy to wear and pull off. It adds a stylish finishing touch to any outfit – casual or formal.  

From black beads bracelet silver to personalised beaded bracelets, your options are endless. In a world full of beaded bracelet styles, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. To help you, we have rounded up this comprehensive guide to the trendy beaded bracelets for men. Read on and find inspiring photos of how they look. 

 Natural Gemstone Beaded Bracelets for Men

For thousands of years, gemstones have played a crucial role in men's lives. Roman emperors, Egyptian pharaohs, European kings, Indian maharajas, and high priests adorned their personalities with gemstones. 

Gemstone jewelry is widely popular since ancient civilizations for its cleansing, balancing, and healing properties. Natural gemstones boast an incredible vibratory effect, causing energy to transfer from the stone to the wearer. 

These days, gemstone bracelets for men have become a popular piece of jewelry that complements any outfit.

If you are looking for a healing gemstone bead bracelet, you are at the right place. Find below the six most popular and powerful natural beaded gemstone bracelets for men. Learn about their benefits and choose the one that best fits your personality.

Lava Stone Beaded Bracelets for Men

Lava stone bracelet meaning: Lava Stone is an igneous volcanic rock that solidifies from molten lava after intense heat and pressure. It is also known as Basalt or Lava Rock. The volcanic rock is quarried and cut into slabs. It is then topped with an enamel glaze and fires at high heat. Lava stones can be cut and moulded into different objects and shapes.

Lava stone bracelet benefits include courage and strength. It allows stability during the time of change and provides guidance in situations when the wearer needs to bounce back. 

You can buy bracelets with lava beads paired with other natural precious/semi-precious stones. This lava beaded bracelet for men at Atolyestone is a combination of sterling silver lion head and Lava Stone. 



  Men's Beaded Bracelet with 925 Sterling Silver Leo Charm

Leo Beaded Bracelet - Solid Silver

Agate Beaded Bracelets for Men 

Black agate bracelet meaning: Since ancient times, black agate is known for its balancing and protection effects. Its name comes from the river Achates in Sicily, and it belongs to the multi-colored chalcedony family of Quartz crystal

What is black agate good for? Connected to the Root Chakra, this gemstone brings peace, relieves stress, and balances positivity and negativity. The grounding energy of this gemstone helps with headaches, eyes, and skin problems while supporting good decision-making ability. It’s also a great gemstone that helps against anxiety and panic attacks. 

This black agate men's bracelet is available in 10K, 14K, or 18K solid yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. This handmade piece of jewelry is paved with authentic black diamond and macrame knots to create a striking design. 

Men's Agate & Gold Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Men's Agate Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Solid Gold

Are you looking for something more unique and noteworthy? Atolyestone's Prime African Agate Apex beaded bracelet features a row of three 925 sterling silver apex balls and natural African agate stone on a durable elastic band. 

Prime African Agate Apex Beaded Bracelet

Prime African Agate Beaded Bracelet

Turquoise Beaded Bracelets for Men

Turquoise bracelet benefits include remarkable emotional and physical healing properties. It helps maintain stability in all aspects of life and reduces mental stress. Turquoise stone bracelets are great for men working in fields like film, fashion, accountancy, law, and education.  

Are you looking for something modern and interesting? Try out this sterling silver turquoise bracelet that features natural Howlite and turquoise beads.

Men's Howlite & Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Howlite & Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Complemented with jasper stones in red, blue, green, gray, this turquoise Leo jasper beaded bracelet for men will make you feel special. Available in plating colors, including oxidised silver, rose gold, silver, and yellow gold. 

Leo Blue Jasper Bracelet

Leo Blue Jasper Stone Bracelet


Inspired by the charm of London, this Soho Double turquoise beaded bracelet combines natural stones that reflect the assorted colours of glorious London.

Turquoise Double Beaded Bracelet for Men
Turquoise Double Beaded Bracelet

 Jasper Beaded Bracelets for Men

Jasper stone for bracelets and other pieces of jewelry is very popular since ancient civilizations. What is the spiritual meaning of red jasper? The gemstone is suitable for people with zodiac signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio. Its healing properties include relaxation, nurturing, compassion, contentment, and tranquility. 

Choose from a variety of colors like red jasper bracelets, ocean jasper bracelets, and several other shades. These double jasper beaded bracelets for men feature cubic Zirconia diamond balls and Natural jasper stones. Choose stone colors - red, blue, gray, green, and brown.

Jasper Double Beaded Bracelet
Leo? You cannot resist this solid gold Leo jasper beaded bracelet. Choose a stone color that suits your personality – red, gray, blue, green, and turquoise.
Leo Jasper Beaded Bracelet - Solid Gold
Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelets for Men 

Tiger eye bracelets meaning: As the name suggests, the tiger eye stone looks like the eye of a real tiger. Tiger eye jewelry is known for bringing good luck and releasing fears. For working men, it addresses problems like poor concentration, insomnia, and impatience. 


You will love the Atolyestone collection of gemstone bracelets for men. This prime tiger eye apex beaded bracelet boasts a stunning, elastic design, and it easily fits your wrist. 

Tiger Eye & Silver Apex Beaded Bracelet

Tiger Eye & Silver Apex Beaded Bracelet

Sodalite Beaded Bracelets for Men

Sodalite bracelets are very popular among men of all ages. What is sodalite good for? Sodalite is a beautiful-looking gemstone that brings emotional balance. It boosts the wearer's self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.


Shop for this Apex Sodalite beaded bracelet that goes well with every outfit style. 

Sodalite & Lava Beaded Bracelet

Sodalite & Lava Beaded Bracelet

Leather Beaded Bracelets for Men

Leather and bead bracelets play well with almost all outfits, from casuals to high-end formals. These are popular choices among modern men who want to pull a modern and elegant look. 

Boasting a charming, elegant design, this leather beaded bracelet in gold is a striking combination of natural stones and braided Nappa leather. The divine luxury design is also available with yellow and rose gold.

 Men's Beaded Leather Bracelet

Leather Beaded Bracelet in Gold

Small / Minimalist Beaded Bracelets for Men

Sometimes and for some men, buying the biggest trends can be pointless. Such jewelry pieces can be difficult to pair up with everything in your closet. But, this is not the case if you have minimalist pieces. Featuring clean lines, fewer colors, and sophisticated designs, minimalist jewelry could be worn at any moment and with any outfit. 

Are you a minimalist person, especially when it comes to jewelry? Atolyestone’s luxury & handcrafted men’s minimalist classic bracelets certainly make an irresistible collection for you. 

These beaded bracelets for men can be fully customized with natural stones like howlite, tiger eye, jasper, turquoise, and agate beads. You can also choose a leather or silver braided bangle bracelet for a minimalist touch to your smart outfit. 
This premium minimalist beaded bracelet for men is available in three beads choices – Agate, Turquoise, and Howlite. This 100% handcrafted iconic bracelet features 925 sterling silver gold plated balls.

premium minimalist beaded bracelet for men

Premium Minimalist Beaded Bracelet 

Atolyestone solid silver jasper essential is a must for a desired minimalist last touch to any smart outfit you pull off. Choose from stunning jasper stone shades, including blue, grey, red, turquoise, and green. The metal choice includes yellow gold, and silver. 

Jasper Beaded Bracelet with Silver Ball

Jasper Beaded Bracelet with Silver Ball

Strictly minimalist? Shop for this classic charm macreme bracelet that is made of the sterling silver bead and boasts a unique hand-carved classic design.

Classic Macrame Bracelet with Silver Charm

Classic Macrame Bracelet with Silver Bead

You will also love this macrame knots beaded bracelet for men. It's available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The black rope is treated with a high-quality wax coating for the longevity of this piece. 

Macrame Knots Bracelet with Gold Balls

Macrame Knots Bracelet with Gold Beads

Double / Triple Beaded Bracelets for Men 

Do you have a special love for beads when it comes to fashion? Are you looking for truly authentic beaded bracelets for men? What about this streamlined triple beaded bracelet for men

tiger eye triple beaded bracelet with 925 sterling silver

Red Tiger Eye Triple Beaded Bracelet 

This uniquely and meticulously designed beaded bracelet is adorned with handcrafted motives. Beads are carefully placed on sterling silver paired with handset Cubic Zirconia stones. In this powerful and modern design, every motive complements each other, making it a perfect streamlined design. Triple wrap lends a striking look, and natural stones provide an elegant touch to this men's beaded bracelet. 

Personalizable Beaded Bracelets for Men 

As men are competing with women when it comes to wearing jewelry, personalization is in demand among them. But, not one size fits all. Maybe you have a particular taste that is unique, and most jewellers may not cover that.  Fortunately, Atolyestone offers fully-customized jewelry to those who want to stand unique in the crowd. 

Personalized beads for bracelets reflect your unique personality and attitude towards life. At Atolyestone, you can choose your own metal, color, gemstone, and other materials for personalized beaded bracelets for men.  The brand’s custom bracelets come in rose gold, sterling silver, and yellow gold. You can order your custom-made jewelry in an impressive variety of colours and styles.

Make sure that before you order customizable jewelry, you read our comprehensive bracelet-wearing guide. This guide intends to educate you about how to choose the right bracelet according to your personality and how to wear it. 

 Leo Beaded Bracelets for Men 

Want to reflect your inner lion with your jewelry? If so, you can’t go wrong with Leo beaded bracelets for men. 

People with the Leo zodiac sign love the limelight. So, they need bold statement-making chunky pieces of jewelry. They are big-hearted, fierce, and sexy like the king of the Savannah. 

Atolyestone brings you a surprisingly wide collection of stunning Leo bracelets for men. Want something gold? Try out this premium bronzite Leo bundle in yellow gold and flaunt your fierce zodiac personality. 

 Premium Bronzite Leo Bundle

 Premium Bronzite Leo Bundle

Small beaded bracelets are also trendy and popular among men of all ages. If this sets true for you, then this Leo zenith beaded bracelets in solid silver are your best bet. You have multiple beads color options:  - green chrysocolla, white opal, sodalite, crazy agate, eagle eye, and fossil opal. Metal options include rose gold, oxidised silver, and yellow gold.

Leo Beaded Bracelet - Solid Silver
Add Leo charm to your personality with this Leo beaded macrame bracelet. It’s made using a black rope that is treated with a lifelong wax coating. Choose from yellow gold, rose gold, and silver that best fits your taste.
Leo Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this list of the most fashionable beaded bracelets for men helps you choose the right one for you. Don't forget to explore the unique and exclusive collection of Atolyestone’s beaded bracelets for men


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