How to Ace the Gemstone Jewellery Trends - Healing Stones That Help Against Anxiety

COVID-19 has changed the world around us in ways we couldn't even think of a few months back. While the patients are fighting their battle against the pandemic, lockdown and an ever-pondering sense of uncertainty haven't been easy on the seemingly 'healthy' folks either.


If you were facing harsh times even before all this started, we can imagine how challenging it might be for you now. The question is- how can you maintain your sanity in such a situation? Trying to keep yourself occupied with something you like can partially help. However, to deal with the situation at a deeper level,  you need a strong helping hand.

In such a situation, healing stone jewellery can be a promising companion for people suffering from anxiety and its grim consequences.

Out of many questions popping in your mind right now, one of the first ones would be-will gemstones really make a positive change in my life? Let's help you settle the cloud of apprehensions in your mind.

 How Healing Gemstone Jewellery Helps to Deal with Anxiety

A great home remedy that actually works for your anxiety is to combine the soothing frequencies of your gemstone with meditation and experience the wonders. It not only helps to make the most of the vibrational frequencies of crystals but also activates your chakras, the concentrated energy centers of your body for an inside-out healing.

Let's simplify your quest to fight your anxiety or to deal with your stress right at the initial stages by acquainting you with the healing power of gemstone jewellery. Besides playing a crucial role in balancing the mind and helping in anxiety, here are a few specific ways in which healing crystals


Agate Healing Stone


Gives emotional strength and courage

Aqua Terra Jasper

Relieves stress, brings peace

Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger Eye

Emboldens one to “step out of the box”

Lava Stone Healing Stone


Stabilize the emotions throughout changes

Howlite Healing Stone


Calms upset states of mind and emotions


Blue Jasper Healing Stone

Blue Jasper

Can be used as an aphrodisiac

Green Jasper Healing Stone

Green Jasper

Improves one's mind

Brown Jasper Healing Stone

Brown Jasper

Provides courage

Red Jasper Healing Stone

Red Jasper

Provides balance

Grey Jasper Healing Stone

Grey Jasper

 Brings serenity

Turquoise Jasper Healing Stone

Turquoise Jasper

Helpful to the brain


Kyanite Healing Stone


 Brings luck

Multi Sapphire Healing Stone

Multi Sapphire

 Provides confidence

Mookaite Healing Stone


 Strengthens your power of intuition

Lapus Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

 Provides better thinking

Bronzite Healing Stone


Absorbs negative energy

Turquoise Healing Stone


Calms anxiety


White Opal Healing Stone

White Opal

 Brings hope and positive thinking

Green Chrysocolla Healing Stone

Green Chrysocolla

Promotes internal balance

Sodalite Healing Stone


Enhances confidence

Fossil Coral Healing Stone

Fossil Coral

 Provides positive energy

Crazy Agate Healing Stone

Crazy Agate

Provides protection against negative energy

Eagle Eye Healing Stone

Eagle Eye

 Provides mental calm

  • Say Hi to Sound Sleep with the Healing Jewellery Trend

Sleep and anxiety are not the best of friends. When you sleep, your brain flushes out  emotional toxins. According to a study, lack of sleep reduces the activity in emotional regulating regions of the brain. It means that the balance between 'generating' and  'regulating' emotions gets disturbed, resulting in anxiety. Gemstones like Eagle eye and Howlite relax your overactive mind to help you enjoy a sound sleep.
           If you are planning to make some changes in your life, Howlite- the quartz of precious healing stones can aid you quite a lot.

  • Get a Loyal Companion in Depression

If you have a near and dear one suffering from depression, you might understand their misery well. In such a scenario, healing gemstone jewellery made of Sodalite or Bronzite can be of great help to fight depression. Besides its effectiveness in ensuring psychological well-being, Bronzite helps to balance iron and  calcium in the body.

Additionally, you can help your loved ones fight grave situations like drug addiction and return to normal life with our Sodalite Prime Necklace.

Blue Sodalite Necklace Pendant

Prime Necklaces -Sodalite

  • Boost Physical Well-Being with Gemstones
  • Gemstone jewellery is an effective way to deal with anxiety. There are multiple stones for  anxiety and panic attacks like Turquoise, Agate, Lavastone, Red Jasper, Kyanite, Multi Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, White Opal, Green Chrysocolla, Crazy Agate and Aqua Terra that help to pump positivity in the wearer's life.                                                                                                                                        

    In addition to their crucial role in ensuring mental health, healing anxiety gemstone jewellery boosts physical health by being helpful in stomach problems, tooth and gum issues, maintaining a balance of essential elements in the body, and overall detoxification.  

    Are Anxiety Gemstones just a Trend?

    Initially, your stress may stem from genuine reasons. However, if it continues for a prolonged period, it can take the dreadful shape of anxiety. How do you deal with this situation? As a matter of fact, your life’s pace will continue to stay the same in some way or the other.  If you want to get rid of this overwhelming state, you need to heal your body from inside.

    Gemstone jewellery for anxiety can be one of the easiest ways to calm your constant state of flux. It is not a trend borne lately. In fact, in the ancient era, one of the primary reasons for wearing jewellery was to ward off evil- bad luck and illness. The primitive jewellery made of animal horns, bones evolved to include gemstones. Not only this, besides being symbolic of their power and wealth,  one of the significant reasons why kings wore embellished crowns and jewellery was the power of crystals to bestow specific characteristics upon their wearer.

    You can choose from rings, bracelets, or necklaces to adorn a life-changing crystal.

    Gemstone Rings - Taking Inspiration from Celebrities

    If you are always concerned about the way you look, mind you, colourful gemstone jewellery is a big hit among celebrities. Actress and fashion designer Elizabeth Hurley's square cut sapphire engagement ring is a fine definition of edgy yet classy. Eric Johnson, a leading American guitarist, got engaged to his lady love Jessica Simpson with a mesmerizing ring that has a big ruby in the center.

    You surely wouldn't mind a gemstone ring that deals with your anxiety and makes you look trendy at the same time. Our Agate Stone Prime Ring is inspired by celebrities who like to keep it stylish and classy.

    Men’s Agate Ring Black

    Agate Prime Ring


    Gemstone Bracelets - A Modern Take on Natural Stone Jewellery

    Many people don't like the idea of wearing a ring because of skin irritation or their personal preferences. Does this mean that you can't seek the help of gemstones to do away with your anxiety? Well, that doesn't need to be the case.

    With our men's gemstone bracelets, you can look stunning and fight your inner demons all at once. For instance, if you are a person who likes to keep it minimalistic, you can opt for Leo Beaded Bracelets that come in variations ranging from Agate to Howlite. Both help you to ease your anxiety and are known for calming upset states of minds and emotions.

    Men’s Gemstone Leo Beaded Bracelet

    Leo Beaded -Bracelet


    For a cooler look, opt for our Double Beaded Men's Healing Bracelet. If you have been panicking quite a lot about your anxiety lately, this Agate companion will help in relaxing your mind and restoring your peace. You can also replace Agate here with Aqua Terra or Lava stone, both healing stones are known to relieve stress and stabilize emotions.

    Men’s Lava Stone Double Beaded Bracelet

    Double Beaded Bracelet - Lava stone


    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life."                                                                          - Eckhart Tolle


    If you have been struggling with anxiety for quite some time and the COVID crisis has added to it, now you know what you need to do next.  The best part is, with healing gemstone jewellery by your side, you can give a 180degree turn to the situation and use this time productively for your physical and mental relaxation.

    The brownie point is while fighting with anxiety, an uninvited guest, healing jewellery boosts your self-confidence and concentration, strengthens relationships, and acts like your knight in shining armor in hard to deal situations. 

    If you want to feel positive and pumped up and say goodbye to your anxiety, Atolyestone's healing gemstone jewellery is just a click away. Choose from trendy rings, bracelets, and necklaces whose positive frequencies will make your anxieties and worries a thing of the past!