Silver Statement Bangle

Be You

In creating the Atolyestone Statements bracelet, we wanted to give the power of creation to you, the client. With the Atolyestone Silver Statements bracelet we've taken this one step further by creating a completely custom made silver design.

The Power of Creation.

The Atolyestone Silver Statements Bracelet gives the power of creativity into the hands of the customer. You are able to choose the colour of your plating and the letters and numbers that you would to add to the bracelet. With Atolyestone Silver Statements Bracelet, as with all of our collections, you can be sure that all materials used are of premium quality.

Unlimited Characters

Choose whichever letters you want from the Latin alphabet to be incorporated into your bracelet for a more unique finish. The aim here is to ensure that you are at the helm of the design process, by having your say in all aspects of the creation process

Smooth Clasp

The Atolyestone Silver Statements Bracelet comprises of a smooth clasp that clicks into place and is both secure and easy to use. It can be opened and closed around your wrist without difficulty. This permits an ergonomic design which brings comfort and ease when being worn.

Match your look,
make your statement.

The Atolyestone Silver Statements Bracelet range is a perfect choice to use with a friend or a significant other to highlight your love for each other. Have a special connection with that important person in your life, whoever they may be.

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