Everlasting Animal Motif Jewelry Collection To Power Up Your Style

Meaning and Significance of Animal Motifs in Jewelry

Incorporating animal motifs in jewelry has been a popular choice for centuries. In recent years, the trend came into the limelight once again. Whether it's using a lion head design in rings or a wolf design in pendants, animal motifs jewelry is the fashion trend you need to get behind in 2021.

At Atolyestone, we bring to you jewelry collections inspired by four animals i.e. lion, tiger, wolf, and eagle. Every jewelry piece embedded with these motifs signifies their dominant traits.

The lions are known for their strength, courage, and power. Keeping the same traits in mind, Atolyestone offers you a wide range of lion jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Signifying bravery and nobility, the lion has long been the symbol of Atolyestone. Our Head of Lion Necklace collection conveys this message and reiterates its importance for our brand.

In the western world, a tiger is considered to be the king of the jungle. Hence, the tiger symbol brings competitiveness, self confidence, and bravery along with it. A perfect combination of power, myth and elegance met with exquisite Atolyestone craftsmanship.

Then we have wolves representing loyalty, strong family ties and of course intelligence and understanding. A wolf pack is the epitome of strong family bonding and taking care of one another. Wearing a piece of jewelry in wolf is understood as a sign of strength and togetherness and one's love for the family.

Atoleystone also brings to you the sharpest of all birds and bestowing freedom and courage to look ahead, the eagle. Throughout history the eagle has represented greatness and power. 

Our designers have crafted a unique look for the eagle yet its rich symbolism in Atolyestone’s eagle collection. Often used by men of high status, eagle jewelry showcases culture, tradition, and family values.

Types of Material Offered

When it comes to quality, there is no competition for Atoleystone's unique collection of silver and gold jewelry. Crafted by the finest, we bring to you a luxurious gold collection in three finishings i.e. 10 carat, 14 carat, and 18 carat. As per your preference, you can also choose between white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold.

In terms of silver jewelry, there is a wide range of styles offered in 100% handmade 925 sterling silver. Whether its rings or necklaces, the exquisite Atoleystone craftsmanship will instantly lift up your style with hints of silver.

Apart from the classic silver and gold, our collections feature various gemstones and luxurious material like leather. From cubic zirconia to black diamond and other stones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby are beautifully carved into the rings, bracelets and pendants.

To keep things casual, a variety of material is presented in the bracelet like macrame, braided, beaded, and cuff bracelets. Stacking up these bracelets featuring hints of animal motifs bill at their own charm to your outfit.


Let's begin with bracelets. For quite some time men have been shying away adding bracelets to their wardrobes. But, 2021 is the year that's changing everything literally. Adding animal motifs to a bracelet reflects masculinity and boldness uplifting the overall look and making a style statement.

men's lion leather bracelet

Men's Leo Leather Bracelet

In the Leo collection, the Leo Leather Bracelet is the ultimate piece of jewellery which is perfect for any casual day to a super formal event. Apart from the golden and silver, you can also get this in gunmetal plating for the rugged look. The leather cords are also available in different colours if you are in for an experiment.

Men's Tiger  Cuff in Gold

Men's Tiger Cuff in Gold

For all the tiger lovers out there,  a spectacular addition to our tiger and bamboo collection is the Tiger Cuff. It features exquisite tiger and bamboo design all over the cuff and can be availed in silver, gold, and rose gold. This 100% handmade jewellery piece is perfect for all occasions.

  Men's Zenith Eagle Beaded Bracelet in Silver

Men's Zenith Eagle Beaded Bracelet in Silver

The Zenith Eagle Beaded Bracelet has an eagle head beaded in with natural stones like eagle eye and sodalite.The Eagle charm is made of 925 solid sterling silver and the elastic design makes it convenient to be worn by anyone. Make sure to pick the right size. It is one of the perfect designs to incorporate your spirit animal into your personal style. 


Men from royal families and the upper class have been wearing rings on the fingers for centuries.  It felt like the tradition had died in the 20th century but here we are with some statement making rings for you.

Men's Imperial Leo Ring in Solid Gold

Men's Imperial Leo Ring in Solid Gold

The Imperial Leo Ring looks like a huge chunk of jewellery reflecting power and confidence. Available in white, rose, and yellow gold; it features a Leo head carved on top along with the signature Atolyestone logo embroidered all over. While the yellow gold will complete a formal look, a silver one can be carried with the more casual affair.

Tiger Cushion Ring in Gold

Tiger Cushion Ring in Gold

If you are looking for something bold and classy to add to your wardrobe, The Tiger Cushion ring is made for you. The exquisite square ring features a roaring tiger in the woods. Well-suited for every type of look, this ring screams nothing but power.

Men's Solid Silver Ring with Wolf Motive

Men's Wolf Ring

How about a wolf head ring to elevate the simple jeans and jacket look? The Atoleystone's Wolf Ring is made of 925 sterling silver with a wolf head carved on it. The high quality silver ring can be bone in the index finger or even the thumb.

 Men's Silver Eagle Ring with Solid Gold

Men's Silver Eagle Ring with Solid Gold

If you are looking for something dainty to wear in your pinky, The Eagle ring is all you need. The round ring has Eagle head embossed in yellow gold and rose gold on a silver background made of 925 sterling silver. Feel free to pick the best suited plating as per your style.


For the longest time, necklaces happened a big no no for most of the millennials. Gone are the days when necklaces were only worn by rappers. Whether it's chunky key chains or statement style pendants, necklaces are all you need to Take your fashion game up a notch.

Men's Leo Necklace Pendant in Solid Silver

Men's Leo Necklace Pendant in Solid Silver

How about starting with something brave and noble? The men's Leo necklace features a lion head engraved in gold and silver. It is one of the signature pieces of our Leo collection and has black diamonds embedded around the head. This round pendant can be paired up with a similar chain or beaded one depending upon your look.

Tiger Square Pendant in Silver

Tiger Square Pendant in Silver

The next up we have classic, stylish and of course impressive Tiger Square pendant. Carrying our finest delicate touch, this handcrafted piece showcases a roaring tiger to bring out your spirit animal. Available in 925 sterling silver, it is not just ideal for casual outfits but will also go well with smart casuals.

Tiger Pendant in Silver

Tiger Pendant in Silver

Another piece of silver jewelry available in tiger collection is the Tiger pendant designed in a dog-tag style. The embossed design in silver makes it perfect for a casual outfit if you wish to make it look effortlessly styled.

Eagle Head Necklace Pendant in Silver

Eagle Head Necklace Pendant in Silver

The Eagle charm necklace has an eagle head carved out of 925 sterling silver. It reflects bravery and pride making it a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Show off your masculinity with this shining silver piece around your neck. It can also be added as a charm to a bracelet.

Styling Animal Motifs

For the last few decades, masculinity has often led men to not wear jewelry pieces. In this new age, celebrities have been seen accessorising their fingers, necks, and wrists on more than one occasion. 

Whether it's Harry Styles with his dainty pieces for Anwar Hadid and Joe Jonas with their famous bracelets. The macrame bracelets or all silver or gold cuffs can be stacked up with your classic watches as well.

Taking inspiration from the Hollywood Mafias, Atolyestone brings to you huge chunks of gold and silver rings. These animal motif rings can be worn in index fingers or thumbs to make a style statement. Feel free to pair these up with a formal suit or a semi formal look.

The dainty ones are perfect to be worn on the pinkys if you wish to let The Godfather in you out. From all gold to all silver, small rings look great for casual to semi-casual affairs. You can also wear more than one provided you keep them all equally spaced out. 

In case you are going in for the celebrity vibes, there is nothing like going overboard. Just do not forget to match your metals. One of the most popular styles is the classic golden jewelry on an all black outfit. 


Jewelry trends have been defining fashion norms for women ever since they came into picture. With the latest trends, the same has been proven for men as well. Pick any jewellery please from our collection to revolutionize your styling game. 

From lion to tiger and eagle to wolf, browse through our collection and get your hands on some of the most tasteful pieces you have seen in awhile. It's time to add a piece of jewellery to your style to look like a million bucks every time you step out.