Types of Bracelets - Your Ultimate Bracelet Glossary

Bracelets are the most interesting jewellery accessory that suits every outfit and style.

There are many varieties of bracelets available on the market, and finding the best for you can be difficult. To narrow down your search, we have rounded up this list of types of bracelets available on the market:

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets contain a series of links of various sizes and styles in gold or silver.  

Most chain bracelets have a closure, which makes it quick and easy to put on or remove from your hand. Upgrade your everyday look with new trendy collections of chain bracelets.

Following are the some types of chain bracelets:

Box Chain Bracelets

The box chain bracelets feature square links and look elegant. They fit to every hand - men or women. The unique and durable design of the box chain bracelet in silver makes it stand out from the crowd.

 Box Chain Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

Box Chain Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

For a classic look, an anchor box chain bracelet with an eye-catching design is a great option.

 Anchor Box Chain Bracelet in Silver

Anchor Box Chain Bracelet in Silver

Woven Chain Bracelets

Durability and attractive design of woven chain bracelets is the reason why they are so popular. The bracelet like a classic woven chain bracelet in silver can complement every wrist watch and outfit. Also, you can wear more than one type of chain bracelets on a single hand to look trendier. 

925 Sterling Silver Classic Woven Chain Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Classic Woven Chain Bracelet

Leather Bracelets

Great for casual wear, leather bracelets look cool and stylish when done right. With its neutral and rich tones leather plays well with many outfits from casual to high-end. You might love to check out our bracelet wearing guide to know how to wear leather bracelets. 

Black, darker brown, deep burgundies and blue work the best for every style. Choose a bracelet for yourself or your friend from the following leather bracelet types:

Anchor Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets with anchor design are in trend and very popular among youngsters. The anchor in silver or gold combined with leather looks amazing and trending to wear on hand.  

Classic anchor leather bracelet - solid yellow gold goes perfectly with summer attire as well as with formal looks. 

 Classic Yellow Gold Anchor Leather Bracelet

Classic Yellow Gold Anchor Leather Bracelet

Braided Leather Bracelets

Braided leather bracelets are very popular for easy-to-wear style. The luxury divine design and smooth touch of leather makes these bracelets perfect for men and women. 

The impressive and prime quality braided leather in leather beaded bracelet in silver makes it perfect to wear with a watch.  

Men's Leather Beaded Bracelet in Silver

Leather Beaded Bracelet in Silver

 Leather Wrap Bracelets

Wrap a leather strap around your wrist with amazing leather wrap bracelets. It helps create a layered look that is perfect for everyday work and a weekend party. 

Signature statement wrap bracelet in black will match every outfit of any color or print.

Personalized Leather Wrap Bracelet with Letters

If three layer wrap is your choice, then classic wrap leather bracelet - solid silver is for you. 

 Classic Wrap Leather Bracelet with Silver Clasp

Classic Wrap Leather Bracelet with Silver Clasp

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets contain a series of beads of the same or different colors. They come in many shapes and sizes that you can easily combine with any outfit and watch. 

Most good quality beaded bracelets feature natural stones or metals. A lot of people or men who like to look trendy, appreciate a nice looking set of beaded bracelets

Following are the three main types of beaded bracelet:

Hematite Beaded Bracelet

Hematite is a metallic looking gemstone that gives the bracelet a unique appearance and rich look. 

You can pick hematite leo beaded bracelets - solid silver to update your style and to look classic. 

 Hematite Beaded Bracelet with Silver Leo Charm

Hematite Beaded Bracelet with Silver Leo Charm

Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Macrame beaded bracelets are famous for designer knots to create unique jewelry pieces for men and women. The knotted cords around the beads add a focal point and decorative detail to the bracelet.

For example, macrame knots in exclusive beaded macrame bracelet - silver helps to create a stunning design. 

Exclusive Macrame Bracelet with Beads

Exclusive Macrame Bracelet with Beads


Nautical Bracelets

Nautical jewelry, including nautical bracelets, looks beautiful with every outfit and watch style. These days nautical themes are in trend, and nothing better than to accessorize yourself with nautical jewelry. 


Checkout the following types of nautical bracelets:

 Anchor Bracelets

Anchor bracelets are in trend these days as it reflects perfect nautical design. This silver anchor bangle with marine vibes and a boat's traditional anchor looks trendy on every occasion. 

Silver Anchor Bracelet Paved with Cubic Zirconia

 Silver Anchor Bracelet Paved with Cubic Zirconia

If you are considering a bracelet for casual wear, then anchor macrame bracelet will fit you perfectly.

  Anchor Macrame Bracelet with Black CZ

Anchor Macrame Bracelet

Compass Bracelets

Compass Leather Bracelet in Solid Silver

Compass Leather Bracelet in Solid Silver

Compass leather bracelet - solid silver reflects real nautical shades and fits best with all outfits as well as watches. 


Men's Compass Charm Macrame Bracelet


You can also go for Compass Solitaire Macrame if you love Macrame style bracelets in nautical themes.  

 Animal Themed Bracelets

Animal faces on jewelry are always in trend, especially when it conveys some message including strength, confidence, and power. 


There are various types of bracelets with animal faces that look best on every hand. Following 

beautiful types of animal bracelets hold an instant attraction for anyone. 


Lion Face Bracelets

Lion face bracelet is a sign of power and strength that you can choose to buy for yourself.

Leo Beaded Bracelet

Men's Beaded Leo Bracelet

Leo beaded bracelet - solid silver is an amazing piece of jewelry for anyone, who is looking for a unique and powerful bracelet. 

Eagle Head Bracelets

Fly high and keep yourself focused in your career with eagle face bracelets. 

Eagle Leather Bracelet - Solid Silver

Eagle Leather Bracelet - Solid Silver

When you wear an eagle leather bracelet - solid silver, you will not only reflect your personality but also look attractive and stylish. 


Minimalistic Bracelets

Minimalist jewelry trends are in fashion again. Ranging from minimalistic bangles to bracelets, everything looks good on hand. A very simple and clean design with fewer colors of minimalistic bracelets allows you to wear it with any outfit. 

Here are the types of minimalistic bracelets for men and women:

Classic Minimalistic Bracelets

A bracelet with a single color and soft material is known as a classic bracelet. 

 Classic Charm Macrame Bracelet in Solid Gold

Classic Charm Macrame Bracelet in Solid Gold

This classic charm macrame - solid gold bracelet is a perfect example of a classic minimalistic bracelet that goes with every dress and best for all occasions. 

Whether you are a college-going person or working in an office, this bracelet is a great choice for you. 

Streamline Minimalistic Bracelets

The bracelet, which follows the same pattern throughout the design, is famous as a streamline bracelet. It looks good on men and women. 

If you are in search of a beaded streamline bracelet that suits men outfits, then men's streamline triple beaded bracelet is for you. 

Natural Stone Triple Beaded Bracelet

Bangle Bracelets

The bangle is typically a type of rigid bracelet with no clasp. It slides over your hand to fit on your wrist. The best part is that bangle bracelets never go out of fashion and suit both men as well as women. 

Following are the types of bangles bracelet available on the market:

Silver Bangle Bracelets

Silver bangle bracelets are the first choice of younger people. You can wear it alone or layered it with other bracelets and a watch. 

Classic Bangle Bracelet

Sterling Silver Braided Bangle Bracelet

For a casual look and for a party-ready look, classic bangle - solid silver is the best option. Whether you are a man or woman, this bangle bracelet type suits all. 

Gold Bangle Bracelet

Gold types bracelets and bangles are tasteful pieces of jewelry that add a touch of class to any hand. Further, gold bracelets enhance your overall look with its simplicity. 

Twined Solid Gold Anchor Bangle

Twined Solid Gold Anchor Bangle

There are different types of gold bracelets on the market and twined anchor bangle - solid gold is one of them. 

Cuban Links Twined Bracelet in Solid Gold

Cuban Links Twined Bracelet in Solid Gold

Cuban links twined bangle - solid gold is also an amazing and unique piece of gold bangle that you can wear with any outfit.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets have no clasps and are easy to wear. Plus, they are of metal, including gold, silver, brass, and more, which gives your hand a rich look.


Also, you can resize the cuff bracelets by pressing them or by opening them. Here are the two types of cuff bracelets:

Classic Cuff Bracelets

The classic cuff bracelets in silver and gold enhance your look many times while looking classy on your hand. 

Customizable Silver Cuff Bracelet

Customizable Silver Cuff Bracelet

With the casual yet tasteful allure of statement classic cuff bracelet - solid silver is a perfect option for every man and woman. 

Braided Cuff Bracelets

Braided cuff bracelets are new types of bangles with a braided design and a small opening.

However, few designs at the opening end make the bracelet a more attractive and interesting piece of jewelry. 

 Braided Cuff Bracelet with Silver Skull Charm

Braided Cuff Bracelet with Silver Skull Charm

In a braided skull cuff bracelet- solid silver, you can see a skull present at the opening end of the bracelet.

This gives a new attractive look to a braided bracelet.  You can also get a plain braided bracelet, depending on your choice. Also, you can wear this bracelet type either on your right hand or left hand. 


We hope that you gain knowledge about the various types of bracelets for guys and women from the above article. Pick the best and unique bracelet for yourself to stay at the top of the trend.