Groom's Accessories & Jewelry Styling Tips

Congratulations on your new beginnings. It must be so thrilling to finally be with the love of your life! But before that, let us remind you that it's time to be a groom as well. While your outfits must be chosen deliberately, have you thought about the accessories yet? 

Be it neckwears, pocket squares, jewelry or lapel pins, they add a dazzling feel to the entire groom's outlook! Also, they are the source of all the 'ohs' and 'ahs' from the crowd. 

When deciding on an accessory, you need to look for something that amalgamates well with the outfit. It should add contrast to your face and give that instant groom-glow! Still clueless about which accessories to try? Check out these groom wedding accessories ideas for inspiration:   

Accessories For A Personal Touch

Do you want your wedding to be different than everyone else's? Then it's worth stepping into the aisle as a well-accessorized groom. The idea is still new to many; however, thanks to celebrities, they are trending among today's grooms. Here are common accessory options that are must-add to your wedding attire:


Imagine you in a tux or suit with classy neckwear. How stylish is that? A lot, we guess! Neckwares blend well with groom outfits. They add a contemporary touch to your attire and highlight your elegance. To mention the types of neckwear, you can go for ascot ties, butterfly or batwing bow ties, cravats, and neckties. 

You can also try some other popular options like bolo ties and diamond bow ties. We recommend choosing neckwear that suits your wedding theme. For example, cravats are appropriate for bohemian-style weddings. Likewise, butterfly bow ties and neckties are fitting for almost all wedding types. So, decide on neckwear accordingly!

Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are aesthetic accessories that sit on the suit lapels. They look super handsome and extravagant on grooms. Lapel pins for grooms are an exclusive way to highlight those features. They can render authenticity to your attire and make you more stylish. While there are several varieties like flower lapels and offset epoxy pins, boutonnieres are great for the groom. 

Make sure that the pin is placed appropriately on the left side of your suit. Plus points if your suit has an indication for a lapel pin (usually as a buttonhole). For materials, you can go for Zinc, Iron, or alloys!

Pocket Square

A pocket square adds a definitive touch to your groom ensembles. It is a rectangle-shaped piece of cloth that fits in the pocket of groom suits. It also adds a blend of color to your attire. The size of the pocket square varies from small to large. 

For the groom, it's worth wearing larger pocket squares. You can also select the ones that bear a contrast of multiple colors. However, if you are wearing them with boutonnieres, maintain a subtle balance with neutral pocket squares.

Suspenders & Belts

Suspenders and belts serve the common purpose, i.e., holding up the pants. They are designed with luxurious details and aesthetic fabrics to use as an adornment. They ensure an aligned posture and add that chic touch to your groom's outfit. 

Both of them are pretty comfortable to wear. They keep the shirt tucked in and are pretty adjustable in nature. Talk about convenience and versatility; suspenders and belts can render both! 

Make sure to choose either of the options for your wedding accessory. If you are wearing suspenders, do not team up with vests. Always go for wider vests instead of skinny ones. The latter is for casual wear. Likewise, belts are an appropriate option if your suits are not tailored perfectly. Select the color of belts and suspenders as per your shirts and suits.

Groom Jewelry Ideas

Who said jewelry is only for the bride? Grooms can adorn themselves with bracelets, rings, and necklaces too. Now, we are not telling you to deck up yourself with every possible accessory. That's a big no-no! Instead, we are asking you to choose minimal add-ons that contradict your attire. For example, the combination of a dazzling bracelet with the right pair of cufflinks is enough to make a style statement. Here are some other ingenious ideas to help you out:


If you are not wearing a bracelet on your wedding day, you are missing an opportunity to shine in front of a crowd. They are a clear depiction of power, status, and fashion (all at once!). In fact, they blend well with other wearables like watches. You can try the below options for bracelets:

Streamline Chain Bracelet in Gold

Weddings call for gold, and that's why it's worth adding something like this Streamline gold chain bracelet to your groom's attire. The unique motifs of the bracelet add a complimenting touch to your style. The braided chain is made of 14K gold and ranges around 4.3 mm in size. It also comes with a small magnetic clasp for quick fastening and wearing.

streamline chain bracelet in gold

Paved Braided Leather Bracelet

For something powerful, stylish, and aesthetic, you can try this paved braided leather bracelet with cubic zirconia gemstones. The 925 sterling silver and 6 mm Nappa leather can add an elegant design and shine to your dress. It also has a pusher clasp for feasible wearing.

Pave Braided Leather Bracelet with Zirconia - Atolyestone

Statement Cuban Links Leather Bracelets

Statement Cuban links leather bracelet is a sheer example of unique motifs and luxury design. It has a blend of 925 sterling silver and Nappa leather for that divine appearance. The elusive patterns on the bracelet surface are enough to make a powerful fashion statement. You can team up this groom bracelet with tux/suits and groom necktie for a dashing look.

Customizable Cuban Links Leather Bracelets - Atolyestone

Men's Classic Braided Leather Bracelet

If you are looking for the best groom jewelry, then this classic braided leather bracelet is worth the choice. The elegant designs and innovative patterns of Nappa leather add an extraordinary look to the groom's attire. You can wear this amazing bracelet alone or combine it with a watch.

Classic Braided Leather Bracelet


What wedding is complete without rings? None, ofcourse! While you will be exchanging rings with your bride, another addition won't harm anyone. Instead, it will add more class to your outlook. For material, you can choose either silver or gold. To make it more innovative, go for rings with charismatic patterns. You can try these, for instance:

Chain Ring - Solid Gold

Have you ever seen something as captivating as this solid gold chain ring? We hope not! The stunning chainring by Atolyestone is an absolute crowd puller for all right reasons. The unique designs on the ring surface enhance the aura of this jewelry. The embroidered Atolyestone logo makes the ring even more gorgeous. Also, it's about 9 mm wide with multiple size options. 

Chain Ring in Solid Gold - Atolyestone

Striped Ring - Solid Silver

This solid silver striped ring is another classy wear with a groom tux! The blend of 925 sterling silver with extraordinary designs can allure your soul. Not to forget about the touch of glint on the ring surface. The width of the ring ranges about 8 mm, which is pretty decent. Overall, it's a must-have for all the grooms out there!

Striped Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Streamline Band Ring in Silver

If you want a blend of art and elegance in one place, then this Streamline silver band ring is the ideal choice for you. The 925 sterling silver, along with the Cubic Zirconia stones, looks alluring to the eyes. Besides, you get other options for stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, white, and black diamond, or 1.15 carat. The ring lies within the range of 9 mm.

925 Sterling Silver Band Ring with Cubic Zirconia - Atolyestone


Necklaces are outstanding jewelry for the groom to team up with a wedding tuxedo. They render a sense of style and personality to your overall attire. As you will be wearing them with either suits or tuxedos, it's best to go for silver or gold necklaces. 

You can also render an additional touch with unique pendants that justifies your persona. In fact, it's best to opt for a pendant with alluring gemstones like black diamond, ruby, emerald, zirconia, etc. Make sure it contrasts with your tux or suit color precisely. You can try something like these:

Necklace Chain - Solid Gold

If you are wearing a white, black, or cream-colored suit for your wedding, then choose something like this 14K solid gold necklace chain. The 2,5 mm width along with multiple length options makes it suitable for all. Also, you can combine the necklace with a charm/pendant of your choice! It is available in three gold colors for variation. 

Complimenting Pendant: Pave Tag Gold Necklace Pendant

Ball Chain Necklace In 14K Gold - Atolyestone

Box Necklace Chain

Wear it with a pendant or plain; this 925 sterling silver box necklace chain is a guaranteed head-turner. The timeless classic chain adds a modern touch to your look. You can get it in three lengths viz, 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. Also, the chain width is around 2.5 mm. If worn precisely, this chain can go well with almost every tux out there!

Complimenting Pendant: Streamline tag necklace pendant

Box Chain Necklace Silver

Rope Necklace Chain in Silver

For something different than standard necklaces, this silver rope necklace chain is worth the choice. Its surface is created like fine artwork for that shimmering touch. It's made of 925 sterling to hold charms and pendants. You can get it in three sizes viz, 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. It's around 2.40 mm in width and has a lobster clasp for easy wearing.

Complimenting Pendant: Sunbeam bar pendant in silver

Wheat Necklace Chain in Silver

This wheat silver necklace chain is all about adding shine to your attire. The chain has a classy design for that stylish touch. It is around 2.55 mm in width and has the same size option as the necklaces mentioned above. It can add that extra sparkle to your groom's appearance.

Complimenting Pendant: Men's line pendant in silver

Wheat Chain Necklace - Sterling Silver


Cufflinks make a marvelous adornment to your ensembles. While they are primarily used for fastening shirts, these alternatives to buttons are worn with full suits or blazers too. Nowadays, they come with aesthetic gemstones to add a touch of bling! Take these groom cufflinks, for example: 

Sodalite Cufflinks - Silver

As you will be starting a new phase of your life, it's best to do so in the presence of Sodalite. It's a natural gemstone that ensures honesty, truth, and gentility. Thus, it's a must-wear for your wedding. 

You can add the gem in your attire through this silver sodalite cufflink for suits. It's made with 925 sterling silver and has the sodalite in the middle. It gives a gorgeous look to the sleeves and acts as a lucky charm simultaneously!

Sodalite Cufflinks in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Onyx Cufflinks - Silver

Onyx is a natural stone with healing properties. It eliminates all the negativity and bad habits while pacifying keen love. You can add onyx to your outfit through cufflinks. Check out this 925 sterling silver onyx cufflink, for example. Its dark and polished surface looks pleasing in appearance. Also, it renders all the benefits of the semi-precious gemstone.

Agate/Matt Onyx Cufflinks in Silver - Atolyestone

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks- Silver

Weddings may initiate anxiety. That's why it's worth wearing something that keeps you relaxed. For instance, gemstones like lapis lazuli can ensure mental peace while preventing negative thoughts. You can try it in the form of a silver lapis lazuli cufflink. It is made with 925 sterling silver and lapis lazuli gemstone for a captivating wearable.

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks in Sterling Silver - Atolyestone


So these were some groom accessories as per latest jewelry trends. We are pretty sure that these additions will work wonders for your big day. If things go right, your bride may end-up falling in love with you all over again!