Men's Jewelry Style Tips For Special Occasions

Special occasions call for perfect styling that's a head-turner for people. While classy dressing is crucial for making a fashion statement, adornments like jewelry give bling to men's attire. Be it a shiny ring or an exclusive necklace, today's fashion industry is witnessing men's jewelry for a chic outlook.

On special occasions, jewelry can mirror character individuality and set a unique persona. If worn nicely, these adornments can ensure a superior and chic finish to your good looks. 

The main motive here is to keep things minimal yet charming. Instead of stacks of gemstones, just one or two pieces can make a bigger difference. Wondering what jewelry to try for your next occasion? Let us guide you through the same.

Jewelry Pieces To Wear During Your Hobbies

Who said you can't dress up for something that you love doing? In fact, we suggest dressing up with extra elegance when it concerns your hobby. 

Of course, the jewelry type varies as per your avocation, but there are distinct options from which you can choose. Whether you are a biker or sailor, we have got you covered with jewelry pieces for all:

Jewelry For Bikers

Jewelry for bikers is all about showing your cool persona. From designs to material, the idea of bikers' adornment should be crisp and invigorating. Speaking of which, options like bracelets, rings, and necklaces are pretty complimenting with the biker's outfit. 

Make sure that the jewelry has something fierce (like a skull or eagle) for that refreshing look. For example, you can try these:

Skull Beaded Bracelet - Silver

This silver skull beaded bracelet made with sterling silver skull charm and semi-precious agate stones is every biker's dream. The 8 mm natural stones and elastic designs ensure the authenticity of the bracelet. Also, it's long-lasting and durable to sustain all the speed and robustness.

Beaded Bracelet with 925 Sterling Silver Skull - Atolyestone

Skull Ring - Solid Silver

For your fingers, this silver skull ring made with solid silver of 10.60 gr and 0.12-carat black diamond is quite appealing. It is around 5-17 mm wide with choices for paved materials. Moreover, its polished surface and glossy finish can give powerful vibes to the wearers.

Skull Ring in 925K Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Jewelry For The Beach

If you are into beach sports (or like hovering on the beach), it's worth accessorising with jewelries like bracelets and necklaces. Rings are also fine as long as you take them off before going to the water.

As the beach is all about tanning, wearing something in gold can enhance your appearance. Also, bracelets in silvers or beads look dapper on men at the beach. You can take inspiration from these options:

Blue Apatite Double Beaded Bracelet

Just look at this blue Apatite double beaded bracelet. The blue gemstone harmonises with the ocean water and renders a stylish look for that beach day outfit! 

The elastic stripes of the bracelet make it comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere. It also gives a vibe of ocean inspired jewelry. You can combine them with both smart casual and just-casual outfits.

Blue Apatite Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone

Necklace Chain

The 925 sterling silver necklace chain with 2.5 mm width is appropriate for holding all the charms. It gives a basic appearance that's optimal for beach outfits. 

It is available in different sizes for your convenience. You can select other colours like white, yellow, and rose gold!

925 Sterling Silver Necklace Chain - Atolyestone

Jewelry At Sports

If athletes like Neymar Jr can wear jewelry, why can't you? Trust us; they look too stylish and sophisticated. During the game, it's worth wearing simple necklaces as an adornment. 

You can wear bracelets during the game too. However, ensure that they have tight clasps. For afterparties, you can team up stylish rings and bracelets too.

Minimalist Ring in Silver

For sportsmen, this minimalist silver ring for men is an absolute definition of elegance and style. It has black stone pavements on both ring sides. 

It is around 5,5 mm in size with a CZ diamond handset to advance your style statement. You can wear them during games, but their contemporary touch makes them a classy wear for game parties!

 Classic Silver Ring Paved With Black Stones - Atolyestone

Men's Classic Braided Leather Bracelet

The classic braided leather bracelet comes with 6 mm Nappa leather hand-carved with a chic design. It is an easy-to-wear bracelet secured with advanced motifs and a pusher clasp lock for fastening. 

To step up the game, you can combine it with watches too. If not, these bracelets are an extraordinary wear alone!

Men's Classic Braided Leather Bracelet

Sailing Jewelry

Are you a sailor? If yes, then it's the perfect time to embellish your styling with nautical elements

A simple anchor is enough to go with the trend. Besides, the addition of gemstones and jewels can turn it extra classy!

Ocean Anchor Pendant in Silver Pendant

Now that you have seen it, can you imagine your sailing journey without this ocean anchor pendant? Of course not! The perfectly created pendant for nautical lovers compliments well with both smart casuals and casuals. 

It is made with 925 sterling silver with a classic blue lacquer finishing. The size of the pendant ranges about 40.5x24.5mm.

It also has a thickness of 3.5 mm. Team it up with your favourite necklace to satisfy your maritime soul!

 Ocean Anchor Pendant in Silver (Pendant only)

Anchor Bangle - Silver

If you like anchors and can't get enough of them, then this anchor silver bangle is a must-have. With a 925 sterling silver braided cord, this bracelet combines modern design and handset zirconia gems. 

It has pusher clasps to secure and wear the bangle easily. While you can wear it as sailing jewelry, it's also a stunning addition for casual and smart casuals. They are also worth the flaunt in front of your maritime friends!

Silver Anchor Bracelet Paved with Cubic Zirconia - Atolyestone

Jewelry For Adventurers & Travellers

For adventurers and travellers, blending daily wear jewelries with subtle outfits is an impeccable idea. As you will be exploring the world, it's worth keeping things basic. Bracelets, rings, or necklaces, you can choose any jewelry type and pair them with your go-to gemstones

Double Zenith Beaded Bracelet

For nature lovers, it's best to go for vibrant wearables like this double zenith beaded bracelet. It is made with 6 mm beads and has numerous healing bead jewelry options like white opal, fossil opal, sodalite, etc. 

They are all AAA grade natural stones. Likewise, 6 mm 925 sterling silver and 0.7mm black elastic string makes it even more fashionable and convenient for wear!

Zenith Double Beaded Bracelet with CZ Balls - Atolyestone

Box Necklace Chain

You can team up those tracks and walking trousers with this box necklace chain for a relaxed look. While it's pretty decent on its own, a pendant can add a modern touch. So, it's totally dependent on you whether you want to add a charm or not. 

They are available in three lengths viz, 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. The width of the necklace is around 2.5 mm.

Box Chain Necklace

Jewelry For Special Occasions

Whether it's for personal wear or a gift for a loved one, jewelry for special occasions can uplift the wearer's psyche. While silver and golds are popular picks for such instances, beads are no exception. For gems, diamonds make a great choice. But again, the jewelry types vary from occasion to occasion.

Men's Wedding Jewelry

Rings with exclusive jewel pavements can turn that special day even more special. In fact, you can go beyond rings and try chic necklaces and bracelets too.

For suits, you can combine cufflinks at the sleeve ends. They add a shiny, gleaming, and polished touch to your outfits. Check out these examples for inspiration:

Classic Cuff Bracelet

Is there anything as fashionable as this classic cuff bracelet for wedding wear? We don't think so! The cuff bracelet has an oxidised touch and a unique design on its surface. 

It is around 9 mm in width with enough flexibility to fit the wearer's wrist. You can get them in multiple colours like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Make sure to choose as per your outfit.

Classic Cuff Bracelet in Solid Gold - Atolyestone

Sodalite Cufflinks - Silver

Sodalite cufflinks can enhance the aura of your blazers and suits. Besides the modern designs, these cufflinks ensure a harmonious inner self. They are, in fact, quite a common addition to wedding rings. But you can opt for something innovative and try the sodalite cufflinks instead.

Sodalite Cufflinks in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Men's Jewelry For Anniversary

Jewlery for anniversary parties or dinners should be enchanting. You can either go for a combination of necklace and ring or a bracelet and ring. Either way, it mirrors simplicity and elegance.

Also, as you will be holding hands (of your better half, of course!), it's worth adorning those hands more! For formal dresses like black suits, gold can be an ideal pick. Likewise, beads are appropriate for casuals.

Men's Woven Band Ring in Gold

For a contemporary woven design and opulent outlook, this woven gold band ring is a sure head-turner. The ring comes with a shimmery surface and gold embroideries to adorn your fingers. The entwining motifs on the ring surface signify a lasting connection with your better half.

Woven Band Ring in Gold - Atolyestone 

Necklace Chain - Solid Gold

Your anniversary look is incomplete without a solid gold necklace chain as it adds a hint of sparkle to your style. It comes in different lengths like 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. The width of the chain ranges around 2,5 mm. As they come in three gold colours, you can select one as per your ensembles!

Ball Chain Necklace In 14K Gold - Atolyestone

Men's Jewelry For Fathers Day

Are you planning a dinner date with your children on fathers day? If so then it's the perfect occasion to wear chains with pendants. Likewise, if you are planning something for a father's day gift, these chains are a must-try.

You can also opt for customisable bracelets to put a smile on their face. Make sure to ask them about their favourite gemstone jewelry and get a pavement as per the same.

Men's Woven Leather Bracelet in Gold

This woven leather gold bracelet with vibrant motifs and alluring embroideries is mandatory-wear for a father's day date. The premium Nappa leather, entwining designs, and contemporary style blend well with casual or formal outfits. It has a leather thickness of around 2.5 mm with a pusher clasp to secure it tightly.

Braided Leather Bracelet with Woven Golden Element - Atolyestone

Men's Evil Eye Pendant in Gold

To fill your father's life with good luck, this evil eye gold pendant makes a perfect gift. The blend of attractive and sparkling stones can defeat evil and ensure a luxurious appearance. 

The cubic zirconia pavement and solid gold make it even more splendid. It is about 11mm in diameter and 2.6 mm in thickness. It can be custom made with ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamonds.

Evil Eye Pendant in Gold - Atolyestone

Jewelry Pieces For Business or Casual Wear

When a man teams up their blazer and suits with classy bracelets and chic rings, they end up as a show-stealer. Jewelries are an implication of power, status, and responsibility. As per their trait, they are pretty fitting for professional domains. 

Some business areas may not find necklaces appropriate. However, simple chains are acceptable. You can amalgamate your outfit with bracelets, cufflinks, and rings.

Jewelry To Wear With Suits

Suits are a standard outfit for business meetups. You can combine them with neckties, cufflinks, brackets, and rings. 

Do not overdo your look by adding every possible accessory that works with suits. To add variety, change the pair of jewelry with each day!

Best Bracelet for Suits: Men's classic braided leather bracelet

Best Cufflinks for Suits: Onyx cufflinks - silver

Best Rings for Suits: Striped ring - solid silver

Striped Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Casual Everyday Jewelry

For men's casual jewelies, leather bracelets and beads are decent choices. They compliment well with easygoing outfits. 

For client meetups, gold and sterling silvers can do wonders as metal options. You can also try necklaces for such instances. However, do not exaggerate or overplay them.

Best Bracelet for Everyday Wear: Men's macrame beaded bracelet

Best Pendant for Everyday Wear: Woven chain pendant in silver

Best Rings for Everyday Wear: Prime ring - solid silver

Striped Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone


So, these were some men's jewelry style tips for special occasions. Thanks to male style icons worldwide, jewelries have become more and more common among the male crowd. 

The trendsetters have initiated variable style, motifs, and design for men jewelry trends. That's why today you can get accessory variations as per any occasion. To conclude, hopefully, our jewelry lists will help you step out while making a personal style statement.