Should the Necklace be Worn Inside or Outside the Shirt?

Necklaces are the most attractive accessory that can elevate the look of any outfit. However, a common dilemma everyone faces is how to wear a chain with a collared shirt? Well, you can style it smartly with some tips and tricks. So, let's make your shirt-necklace look flawless with some expert ideas.

Let's have a look!

Do you Wear a Chain Inside or Outside Your Shirt?

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Paved with CZ

Sunbeam Pendant Necklace in Silver

If you're wearing a chain with a collar shirt, one thing that may confuse you is whether you wear a chain inside or outside your shirt. The answer to this query depends on your outfit choice, style, and occasion. So, some of the things you can consider are:

For a Casual Look

Especially with denim, chambray, and flannel shirts, you can keep the first button open. Now, add a chain inside as it looks more stylish for this choice of clothes. Some of the perfect pieces inside your shirt are classic cuban links necklace chains. It instantly uplevel your attire and looks great.

Alternatively, you can layer simple chains with a bold black tag pendant necklace. It will make your dress more attractive.

 For Traditional and Occasional Looks

You can try wearing chain outside shirt to create an attractive look with your shirt and necklace, which goes for medium to long necklaces. Or the best choice is a gold chain heaving signature arrow bar pendant. It will increase the length and look so royal and stylish.

Tips for Wearing a Chain with Your Shirt

Here are some tips that can help you to find the answer to how to wear a necklace with a collared shirt men’s:

Mind the Length: Short chains under the collar look quite attractive. You can open a few top buttons to enhance it. Long and medium-length chains look great over the shirt.

Color of Outfits: Pair something that stands out to create a unique look. For example, a beautiful gold chain will look great on a solid white and black shirt. Create contrast and pair something bold with a plain shirt and minimalist with patterned shirts.

Look for Width of the Chain: Always pair a light pendant with chains having less width and vice versa. A chain with more width gives a festive feel. Also, consider your neck's length and thickness before opting for the right width.

Layer According to the Occasion:  To enhance your looks, you can multilayer, add pendants, etc., for occasional outfits. For casual and daily wear, look for something trendy and straightforward.

How to Wear a Chain With a Collared Shirt?

Cuban Links Necklace

Cuban Links Chain Necklace

There are many ways to wear a chain with a collar shirt. Let's have a look!

Layer the Chains: Layer two or more chain under collar to create an impression. It looks very casual yet very trendy.

Pair Dominant with Light Ones: Steal this look as it looks fabulous. Pair an awesome pendant with a chain with a relatively simple and short-chain. The layering will look amazing.

Add chain Both inside and Outside the Shirt: Try something unique and add a short chain under collar and another long chain outside the shirt. It will look simply stunning.

What Kind of Necklaces Goes Well With Collared Shirts?

Here is some popular choice of necklaces that goes exceptionally well with shirts:

Wheat Necklace Chain in Silver

The arrangement shone, and the color of the attractive wheat necklace in silver was amazing. It makes a simple outfit look so incredible. You can also layer other chains with it.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Men's Circle Evil Eye Pendant Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

Add an amazing evil eye pendant to any chain to add versatility to your necklace connection. It elongates the necklace and can be worn inside and outside the shirt. In addition, it will dodge all the evil eyes.

Diamond Minimal Pyramid Pendant

Do you want to stand out at any party or occasion? Well, add a shining diamond minimal pyramid pendant necklace to your outfit. The sleek, bold, attractive design goes with shirts and looks rich. In addition, it can be worn inside or outside a shirt with short or long chains.

Wolf Gold Pendant Necklace

Wolf looks exceptional in necklaces, simple liberty, and free spirit. A simple gold chain having a detailed wolf pendant looks outstanding. It will look great with a chain with dress shirt. 

Box Necklace Chain

For a durable, masculine, and stylish look, adopt a trending box chain necklace that looks incredible with shirts. You can wear it inside or outside the shirt according to the occasion. This necklace is versatile, and you can add your favorite pendant.

This was a complete guide and styling ideas for how to wear a chain with a collared shirt. Necklaces are one of the best stylish accessories, and with these handy tips, you can make them eye-catchy.