What's The Difference Between White Gold and Yellow Gold?

White gold and yellow gold are two popular choices when buying gold. But which one should you choose? Also, which colour of gold is better to go with. 

Before buying your precocious jewellery, it's important to understand the difference between white gold and yellow gold. So, we’ve created this guide to save you time finding this difference. 

This blog will explain the difference between white and yellow gold. You'll also learn how to test the quality of gold jewellery. Finally, don't forget to check out our top recommendation for gold jewellery for men. 

So, let’s get started:

What is White Gold?

Warm in colour, white gold is an alloy of gold. It's not found naturally because the earth has only pure yellow gold, which is called 24-carat (K) gold. Instead, white gold is made by adding silvery-white alloy metals, such as silver, zinc, and palladium, to yellow gold.

Then, white gold jewellery is mixed and coated in the precious metal – rhodium. Rhodium belongs to the same metal family as platinum. It also adds durability and lustrous white surface sheen to white gold jewellery.

Is White Gold Real Gold? How do you know it's real?

The quickest answer is yes. White gold is undoubtedly real gold. It simply has a couple of other metals mixed into it.

But while gold looks similar to silver and platinum, how do you tell if you’ve purchased the real white gold? Below are some simple ways to identify white gold:

  • White gold never tarnishes. Because of rhodium coating, white gold becomes tarnish-resistant. So, your jewellery will never oxidize or develop a dul, matte or whitish finish.
  • Platinum is shinier and harder than white gold. Platinum looks brighter than white gold in a well-lit space. Also, your white gold jewellery will show yellow tinges after some time.
  • Check for the carat stamp. White gold jewellery often has an 18k or 18KT.
  • Scratch it on a part that won’t be noticeable easily. If it’s the real piece of white gold, scratching will reveal the yellowish gold layer underneath.

White Gold Prices and Recommended Products

White gold is priced according to its gold metal content and its purity. You can use a gold price calculator to calculate the price of white gold by choosing the carat purity and the item’s weight. 

If you’re planning to buy white gold jewellery, you can check out the most recommended products below:

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Men's Tiger Leather Bracelet in Solid White Gold

Reflect your fearless yet calm personality with this beautiful white gold bracelet. This white gold tiger leather bracelet is 100% handmade and features a tiger head, and represents power, elegance and myth.

Signature Leather Bracelet - Solid White Gold

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Men's Signature Leather Bracelet - Solid White Gold

Another recommended white gold jewellery is this signature white gold leather bracelet. This bracelet is 100% Handmade in England and is built with a perfect white gold finish. 

What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold, which is used for jewellery, is pure gold mixed with other white metals. It’s mixed with other metals to achieve durability and the desired colour tone.

Pure, 24-carat gold is unsuitable for making jewellery because it's very soft. That's why 75% of pure gold, which is naturally yellow in colour, is mixed with 25% of other white metals. As a result, you get 18-carat gold, considered pure for making precious jewellery. 

Mixing pure gold with other metals results in softer, creamier yellow than the brassy shade of 24-carat gold.

Is Yellow Gold Real Gold? How do you know it's real?

Yes. Yellow gold is real gold, and it’s the only naturally occurring colour in gold jewellery. It comes in different weights, including 9K, 14K, and 18K.

The difference comes from durability and colour. Gold with a lower carat rating, including 9K and 14K, is made by mixing pure gold with higher ratios of base metals, including nickel, palladium, silver and zinc.

The higher the carat, the better the quality. Ideally, you should choose gold jewellery made with 18K yellow gold.

But with counterfeit gold everywhere, how do you tell if the yellow gold jewellery you’ve bought is real. Let's first understand the key properties of gold:

  • It’s resistant to oxidation. So, it never tarnishes or rusts.
  • It’s nonmagnetic.
  • Gold has high thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • It dissolves only in nitro-hydrochloric acid.
  • Gold is malleable. So it can be pressed into thin sheets. 

How can you test gold for purity at home? Here’re some simple ways to test the authenticity of your precious metal:

Check the carat rating: Carat indicates the percentage of real gold in your jewellery. It's a sign of quality and fineness in your jewellery. The higher the carat value, the greater the proportion of pure gold.

Hallmarks: Real gold jewellery has a hallmark that clearly shows the country or location and the year of the assay test centre. The assay test is the process of measuring the purity of jewellery or other items containing gold.

Look at the colour: The higher the carat, the deeper the orange-yellow colour.

The float test: Take a glass filled with water. Drop your yellow gold jewellery into the glass. Real gold will sink to the end of the glass. This technique works for all types of gold jewellery – rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Vinegar test: Vinegar is more of a cleaning agent than a testing fluid. If you rub pure gold with near vinegar, it will remove marks, leaving your pure gold jewellery looking clean and shiny. But if your jewellery is not real yellow gold, the acid may cause small holes on the surface, thus damaging the metal. It also works for all types of gold jewellery. 

Yellow Gold Prices and Recommended Products

Being a precious and pure form of gold, yellow gold often comes expensive. You can check the price of yellow gold online; many websites give daily updates on gold prices. You can track the price of yellow gold per gram in GBP (£), troy ounce or per kilogram.

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What is the Difference Between White Gold and Yellow Gold?

The major difference between white gold and yellow gold is their appearance. Yellow gold has a unique, warm orange-yellow tone, while white gold has a silvery-white hue. 

Most people prefer yellow gold because they think it suits their skin tone better. Also, it's traditionally more considerable than white gold. Moreover, it’s hard to imitate the look of yellow gold. Jewellers also prefer working with yellow gold because it's easy to work with. 

On the other hand, people prefer white gold because of its different silvery-white colour. In addition, it's less expensive than silver and provides a valuable alternative to silver jewellery.

Price & Value: In this context, there is no major difference between white and yellow gold, as long as it has the same carat weight. But it's slightly more expensive than yellow gold jewellery because of mixing and coating in the manufacturing process.

Should White Gold or Yellow Gold Be Preferred?

Both white gold and yellow gold have their pros and cons. So, the decision is entirely based on your personal preferences. People often make a choice based on their colour preferences. After all, the psychological effect of colour in jewellery is a proven concept, in addition to the look.

Hopefully, this guide clears all your doubts about the difference between white and yellow gold. Now, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase decision when buying your gold jewellery.